Michael Jackson Got Away With Many Sex Crimes (In My Opinion)

Thirty-six year-old James Safechuck,  a co-star alongside Michael Jackson, in a 1980’s Pepsi commercial has filed a claim against the Michael Jackson estate for being sexually abused by Michael Jackson at least one hundred times when James was child.

Employees of the Jackson “Neverland” Ranch have verified that Safechuck was a frequent guest, and several were set to testify in the 2005 child molestation case –to testify that they saw, or they suspected Jackson was molesting Safechuck.

“An estate manager was quoted in one court submission saying that he saw Jackson standing in the Jacuzzi with his hands “down the front of Jimmy’s underpants and was manipulating the boy’s genitalia.” In the same document filed by the prosecution, a trusted master bedroom maid said she saw the pair in bed together, nude from the waist up, both inside the main house and on a bed overlooking the Neverland theater screen. But since Safechuck had never made a claim of sexual abuse, the judge ruled the jury could not hear any of those prosecution claims.”

James Safechuck is alleging that he and Jackson used secret signals and when they held hands. One of those signals was that Jackson scratched the inside of his hand with his finger to show he wanted sex.

The documents also state that Jackson performed a “secret wedding ceremony complete with a ring and marriage certificate with his alleged victim.”

“Safechuck says the abuse made him question his own sexuality when he developed a crush on the star’s then-backing singer Sheryl Crow – prompting the ‘Billie Jean’ hitmaker to get jealous and show him a number of unflattering photographs of the ‘All I Wanna Do’ star.”

Boys and men DO NOT talk openly about their sexuality being confused by same-sex child sexual abuse, unless it is true.

“In the court documents, Safechuck’s attorney says that Jackson “lured” Safechuck and his parents into “a false sense of security.”

The child can be lured into a false sense of security. The parents were lured by money, fame, and maybe a free babysitter. NO PARENT, who truly wants to protect their child, would allow their son to spend time alone in the home of a man in his thirties or forties –a man who was slowly transforming himself from a man, into a man who wanted to look like a woman.

Safechuck says Michael Jackson made him believe the sexual abuse was acts of love and “instigated by James himself” rather than Michael Jackson.

That’s what many perpetrators do. It is a successful tactic to get the child to engage willingly, and to make the child think it is their fault, and that the child is the “sick,” and “perverted” one.

The documents filed by Safechuck’s attorney, states that he slept in Jackson’s bed in 1988 during the “Bad” Tour.

Sources reveal that:

“Safechuck decided to come forward after Wade Robson came out with allegations in 2013. And though he initially denied being sexually abused, therapy helped him come to grips with it.”

In a Daily Beast article, Christopher Anderson, the executive director of MaleSurvivor.org, also spoke out about the possibilty of the allegations being true after so many years:

“It is very common for males who are sexually abused to delay disclosure for a long time,” according to Christopher Anderson, the executive director of MaleSurvivor.org. “In fact, research shows that the average delay in disclosure for men who have been sexually assaulted is 20 years.” Anderson says some of the men who come to his self-help organization have waited over 60 years to reveal their abuse.”

When it was questioned why Safechuck came out now with his allegations, someone close to Safechuck stated:

“Once you start having children and you see what it’s all about … your perspective on life changes,” the source said, requesting anonymity because they lacked authority to speak on the record. According to the source closest to Safechuck, he now believes that “some of his current issues” stem from his long-ago relationship with Jackson.

It is usually excruciating for a man, or male child, to admit to having been sexually abused by another man. It is embarrassing to their very core, and it affects their masculinity to have been sexually abused by a man.

It can also create confusing feelings of bi-sexuality, or even a false belief that they are gay.

Even if a man who has been sexually abused by a male perpetrator has no gay desires at all, he might still feel very ashamed and might worry that people will say he is a homosexual.

The other common reason for silence is the threats by the abuser for the child to keep the secret.

Most commonly, the abuser will use the mere instruction of “keep it a secret,” but many perpetrators will threaten the child with harm to the child’s family, or a beloved pet.

Other abusers are more sadistic and will use death threats against the child’s family, or the child themselves. Abusers commonly use weapons to re-enforce the threat of death.

I would not be surprised if serious threats were used against La Toya Jackosn when, in late 1993, after Jordie Chandler accused Jackson of molesting him, La Toya held a news conference in Israel, stating she would no longer be a “silent collaborator” to her brother’s “crimes against innocent children.”

La Toya went on to say that:

“This has been going on since 1981,” she said into the camera, “And it’s not just one child.”

La Toya claimed later that she made those statements under threat of violence from her abusive husband.

This makes little sense. What motive would her husband possibly have to force La Toya to publicly humiliate and falsely accuse her innocent and powerful brother?

My educated guess is that people within the Jackson camp were the ones who threatened her when she dared to expose her brother’s secrets. Someone most likely told her to retract her statement or she would be ruined financially, or they may have used threats against her life.

However, in 1994, La Toya told television personality, Geraldo Rivera, that she and her mother had discovered a canceled check she said Michael had written for $1,000,000.00 to the father of one of Michael Jackson’s “boy pals” who frequently visited his Neverland Ranch.

“The father, supposedly, is a garbage collector,” La Toya stated, and reportedly, James Safechuck’s father was, and still is, employed as a garbage collector.

“Complainant #2 was Jason Francia, the young son of one of Jackson’s longtime maids, Blanca Francia. She told me in a 1993 interview that Jackson often urged her to bring her 7-year-old boy to work with her. After catching them in a darkened room nestled inside a sleeping bag, Francia said her son admitted Jackson had told him to keep something secret: three $100 bills the singer had stuffed in young Jason’s pocket. Francia eventually quit the job because her son had become angry and depressed and, as she put it, she couldn’t take the procession of Jackson’s little “special [boy] friends” anymore. After the Chandler allegations hit Jackson lawyers doubled-back and Francia was quietly offered a $2 million dollar settlement to keep mum. Again, no complaining witness, no trial.”

I don’t know what is worse sometimes, the abuser, or all the people who turn their heads to child sexual abuse, and those who do so and get paid to keep quiet.

I also find fault in every person who has blinded themselves to Michael Jackson’s deviant behavior because of his stardom, outward persona, and his music.

Michael Jackson fooled the world with his extremely slow transformation from a black man, into a white-looking man with strong feminine features and women’s make-up.

Michael Jackson’s true character was hidden by the fact that he slowly changed himself over a long period of time. If he had gone to sleep one night as the black man he was, and the next morning, Michael Jackson woke up as a white-looking feminine man wearing make-up, people would have been shocked by his appearance.


If this had been the case, I do not believe so many parents would have allowed their child to sleep over in Michael Jackson’s bedroom, sometimes in his bed, and maybe much of the world would not have shielded Michael Jackson’s deviancy and any child sex crimes he probably committed –shielded those crimes with their denial system.

The human denial system blocked out the fact that super-star Michael Jackson transformed dramatically over a period of years. The transition was so slow that everyone was desensitized to its seriousness.

Michael Jackson’s appearance began to change during the 1980s.

The shape of his face, his nose, and his skin tone were going through a metomorphisis, but not in a good way.

Jackson publicly portrayed a man diagnosed with the skin disorder vitiligo, but many people, including me, didn’t buy that story. Skin bleaching could have caused his change to a white-looking person.

According to many sources, Michael Jackson and some of his siblings have openly spoken about being physically and psychologically abused by their father.

According to the Online Encyclopedia, in 2003, their father admitted to whipping them as children. My belief is that there was more than just whipping of Michael, and La Toya has alleged publicly that Michael’s father sexually abused her older sister.

I get that, because of the abuse, MJ did not want to look anything like his father. However, it does not explain why he wanted to look like a woman, or one of his sisters.

Bottom line, the man had very serious psychological problems, and anyone interested in seeing truth, and not blinding themselves, will agree.

Who allows their little boy to sleep over in the bedroom of a forty something year-old black man, who has decided he is more attractive as a white-looking woman who wears make-up and grabs his crotch onstage? Who does that to a child?


Sources: Latinpost.com, Azcentral.com, Thedailybeast.com, People.com, Olrando Sentinal


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22 Responses to Michael Jackson Got Away With Many Sex Crimes (In My Opinion)

  1. Lelu says:

    Okay, I believe the article about Satanic Ritual and Ritual sex abuse, but I STILL don’t belief ANY allegation against Michael Jackson. Illuminati runs Hollywood and when someone breaks their ties, their career is destroyed, their character is destroyed and/or they die. Michael Jackson was murdered in my opinion and STILL being LIED about.

    Child molesters ARE NOT CHILD-LIKE. They are very GROWN UP and they attempt to bring the child(ren) up to THEIR ADULT LEVEL, by introducing them to ADULT things in a sneaky, manipulative way. They don’t come down to the child’s level and do childish things. Michael Jackson’s character DOES NOT fit that of a child molester and even Corey Feldman spoke out on his behalf.

    All those kids he was around and only ONE accuses him of molestation. Sorry, but that guy’s entire story sounds fishy. Michael is dead, so I guess the Illuminati want him to destroy Michael’s family and children instead. Why didn’t he molest Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket? Hmmm…I smell a dead rat here.

    • Alethea says:


      You are wrong. Michael Jackson was not “child-like” he was a highly disturbed man, who pretended to be “child-like” in order to fool people like yourself.

      It was not just one person, he had many accusers, and how do you know if he molested his own children or not?

      And what reason do you believe a 44 year-old man was sleeping in bed with little boys for?

      Stop fooling yourself.

  2. mary says:

    I know this off topic, but I wanted you all to read this article about this barbaric child molesting practice under the guise of religion:


    This is criminal and should be illegal. Why is the law permitting this. Why are these parents allowing their children go to through this. This is not only criminal, this should classify as satanic ritual abuse.

    • Alethea says:

      Mary, I am BEYOND grateful that you posted this, and will be posting it as an article. It is child abuse, and it is satanic. It is being implemented under the guise of a religious practice, but it is child sexual abuse and should be stopped by the Jewish community.

  3. mary says:

    I really think that Michael Jackson’s death was caused by his fans and his enablers. If Michael Jackson was turned into the police and jailed for life the first time he was convicted for child molestation, he might still be alive today. If he didnt end up killing himself in prison like other monsters do (like ariel castillo), he would have been forced to face the truth of his actions without the ability of drugs, money, and fame to hide with. Why are MJ fans so stupid? You really see the human denial system perform ridiculous feats of human gymnastics in these people.

    My coworker of mine said “He didnt molest those kids, he simply He had a mind of a child. Would you allow your child to sleep with another child their age?” Ummm whatever age Michael Jackson’s mind was, or thought it was, it is never OK for an adult man to be in the same bed with children. It is never appropriate ever. And for him to continue having sleep overs after the first time he was accused shows compulsive behavior. I told him, If your next door neighbor started using that kid at heart crap to justify having sleep overs with your kid, would you buy that BS?

    And how about the lie about MJ’s “biological” children????

    I feel really bad that those kids, his victims, didn’t have parents who loved them enough to protect and guard their innocence from that evil pedophile.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Mary,

      Michael Jackson caused his own demise. He quickly began to die the day he molested his first child, and when he could not molest anymore he turned to serious self-medication.

      But his fans and his enablers, caused MANY children to be put in harm’s way, and some, to be sexually abused.

      Your coworker’s comment is the direct result of the mind-control/brainwashing that was implemented by MJ’s team in order to protect him.

      Your coworker’s comment, “He simply had a mind of a child,” that is the fable that people tell themselves in order to excuse a child abuser, and to excuse themselves about protecting MJ with their willful denial.

      Great comment Mary. Thank you 🙂


      • Little Nel says:

        “He quickly began to die the day he molested his first child”

        How true, Alethea.

        His “solution” to his loneliness and fear was to prey upon defenseless little boys. He became obsessed with fondling their genitals and couldn’t control his impulses.

        He did not have the mind of a child, he had the mind of a child predator.

        • Little Nel says:

          Children do not pay large sums of money to cover up their behavior.

          • mary says:

            What is really insane is how to MJ fans, Michael Jackson is somehow the innocent gentle childlike one being preyed upon by greedy adults, as opposed to the victims, who were ACTUAL REAL children (who are inherently innocent) being preyed upon by a powerful and wealthy degenerate pop star (pretending to be innocent). Why does a “CHILD LIKE ADULT” have more sympathy and protection from the public than a REAL CHILD? Why don’t their fans just say why they really feel that way…..why they choose to ignore common sense….I wish they would just go out and say it without behind the false and disproven belief of his innocence….. without the human denial system, the truth uncensored from the heart of a MJ fan would probably sound something like this:

            “More than likely, he did molest those kids. But Michael Jackson made thriller. So I’ll let my logic jump through hoops for this guy and find any excuse for his inappropriate behavior”
            “It’s because Michael Jackson made songs I love and I want to be able to enjoy his work and buy his music without feeling guilty about funding a pedophile’s activities.”
            “In the end, I don’t care that those kids were hurt, I care about enjoying and consuming what I want to without guilt.”


            • Little Nel says:

              “In the end, I don’t care that those kids were hurt, I care about enjoying and consuming what I want to without guilt.”

              I think that there is a word that describes that “philosophy” or thinking. It is “hedonism.”

            • Alethea says:

              “More than likely, he did molest those kids. But Michael Jackson made thriller. So I’ll let my logic jump through hoops for this guy and find any excuse for his inappropriate behavior”
              “It’s because Michael Jackson made songs I love and I want to be able to enjoy his work and buy his music without feeling guilty about funding a pedophile’s activities.”
              “In the end, I don’t care that those kids were hurt, I care about enjoying and consuming what I want to without guilt.”

              Mary, sadly, you are correct.

  4. Little Nel says:

    MJ, like other child predators, had many people enabling him and protecting him. the damage to those little boys was inconsequential to MJ and his employees, and other people who received financial gain by ignoring his lust for children.

    Did LaToya receive monetary or other compensation for her “adjusted” media statements? Or was she prompted by fear of MJ’s lawyers to keep silent about MJ’s “alleged” criminal behavior?

    MJ’s juggling act to keep his victims silent and complacent was effective until the father of one of his “boys” accused him of sexual abuse and asked for justice.

    When all the victims come forward as adults, I hope that MJ is exposed for all his abuses and cover ups.

    I hope that MJ’s victims get monetary damages and justice for what was done to them in childhood.

    • Alethea says:

      LN, Jordie’s father did not ask for justice. He asked for money to compensate for justice. If he wanted justice, he would have turned the child molester in to police, instead of signing a confidentiality agreement promising not to talk about the case or the million dollar settlement.

      MJ has already been exposed, but only those with eyes see it. LN, you and I know what MJ was, but those who loved MJ for his music and outward persona, will defend him until their death.

  5. jimmy says:

    And yes he had lots of surgery too much he was scared emotionally when he was a kid and wanted to change his appearance so he wouldn’t look like his dad

    • Alethea says:

      Yes, he was scarred emotionally as a child, so was I, and so were tens of millions of other people who were sexually abused or physically abused by their parents. Most victims do not not become a HYPOCRITE like MJ, by doing it to another child.

      • Zues says:

        Enough with your pity party lady! If you feel the need to constantly publish how you were allegedly sexually abused, why don’t you, first and foremost PROOF READ… What is “Skin skin bleaching”????and instead of pointing fingers and telling stories of woe, why don’t you do something positive like share how to overcome ordeals or where one can get help. Oh wait, you actually have to have been sexually abused to do that. Oh and MJ is so five years ago. They make jokes about him regularly. Everyone knows he did it, they’re now rich. I don’t hear his alleged victims bitching so why are you. I’d let him fondle me for two million. I’m sure you probably would too and then you’d write a tortured blog about it.

        • Alethea says:

          “Zues,” (you sound very much like Lori K.?)

          Thank you for pointing out the grammatical error I missed. I will correct it.

          If you actually took the time to READ my Blog, you would have seen that yes, I have written several articles on sharing how to overcome ordeals, and I have written where to get help.

          You write that you would “let MJ fondle you for two million.”

          You are in need of deep therapy to find out what it is that drives your hatred of me, and why you would make such a degenerate comment. You have serious problems inside yourself “Zues,” better get your head out of the love of $$$$ and concentrate on your soul. Time is running out.


        • L.Day says:

          Sexual assault is a very serious crime. Therefore, I take offense that you are making ignorant silly comments that mock sexual violence. Grow Up!

          • L.Day says:

            I am referring to this comment by Zues: I’d let him fondle me for two million.

            • Little Nel says:

              Hi L.Day….

              I agree that “Zues” is mocking children who were sexually abused. The sarcasm speaks volumes about “Zues” and the degeneracy of this person’s soul.

              “I’d let him fondle me for two million.” MJ only fondles little innocent boys then exercises his financial prowess, attempts absolve his guilt, and avoid criminal prosecution, by paying off the parents. I’d call that another form of human trafficking

              Children don’t volunteer to exchange sex for money, unless they are forced by human traffickers to perform sex acts for the financial benefit of their captor/pimps.

              Many of these children commit suicide or are “disposed of” because they need a constant supply of drugs to numb their pain. They are thrown away like trash without any remorse by the traffickers.

          • Alethea says:

            L.day, you are so correct. “Zues” –a coward who cannot even use their real name, did indeed mock child sexual abuse. “Zues” is probably a child sexual abuser. But I did approve “Zues’s” comment because to ignore it would indicate that I agreed with it, or that I was affected by it. “Zues” needed to know that “Zues’s” words have no power over me.

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