Women Who Commit Sex Crimes Against Children Are Guilty of Serious Crimes Against Nature

A comment has come in to my Blog that confounds me.

The comment is a reply to the article about Grace, who suffered from sexual identity issues, anger, depression and other serious emotional problems because her sister sexually abused her as a child.

The comment comes from “Kitt,” who writes:

“What I do not get is why there was a need to shed light on molestations from a female, instead of focusing on the real culprit, men.”

My question for Kitt would be, Why is there not more people talking about it?” “Why are people not exposing women for sometimes being just as sexually degenerate as men?”

Not all women are victims, and not all men perpetrate sex crimes.

Why would anyone want to suppress a very serious, threatening, and common problem that affects untold numbers of children, and a crime that severely affects them later in life?

Why would anyone want to silence people like Grace -or myself for that matter- people who were once victims of child sexual abuse perpetrated by an adult female?

Is it because they think female-female child sexual abuse does not harm the child? Is it because they want to defend all women –even the criminals?

Kitt needs to read my article on the very serious and life-altering after-affects of child sexual abuse perpetrated by a woman, and why women are often more morally corrupt in their sex crimes than men are.

Do people think that because a child is not raped with a man’s penis that the child suffers less?

If anything, women who sexually abuse children should be exposed more than men who do.

Women sexually abuse male children and female children, and they sexually abuse children from infancy to their teenage years. These women are no better than men. If anything, their crimes are worse BECAUSE they are a woman.

Melissa Huckaby, lured, kidnapped, molested, and used a foreign object to rape 8 year-old Sandra Cantu --her daughter's friend. She then killed her, and stuffed her body in a suitcase

Melissa Huckaby, lured, kidnapped, molested, and used a foreign object to rape 8 year-old Sandra Cantu –her daughter’s friend. She then killed her, and stuffed her body in a suitcase

Both men and women use violence against their own children. Both genders commit heinous crimes against children, and both sexes force sex crimes on children. Both sexes use death threats, and both sexes silence children with fear and instructions to keep it a secret.

Women willfully ignore male-female child rape going on in the home, and women also commit child rape with their hands, tongues, and sometimes with objects, or they dry hump children. Women can be vile and disgusting human beings and can be sociopaths and child murderers.

Once a woman sexually abuses a child, she becomes a perpetrator, and I don’t care if she was sexually abused herself, she becomes a hypocrite and an abuser when she sexually harms an innocent.

Furthermore, when a woman sexually violates a female child, she can create serious disturbances in the child’s mind and body —disturbances that can create sexual confusion and sexual identity problems when the child grows older.

Same sex child sexual abuse can cause the victim to explore homosexuality, or to actually become a homosexual, when they were not inherently gay.

This is a very serious crime against a person’s soul. It robs them of truly free sexual expression and healthy sexual relationships. THAT is a crime against nature itself.

Contrary to what the public wants to believe, the majority of female sexual offenders are not mentally ill. They might have depression or personality disorders, but most female sexual offenders are employed in professional jobs, look perfectly normal, go to church, and show no outward signs of sexual deviation. Their victims can be both boys and girls, but they abuse female children more often than male children.

Female sex offenders are sometimes coerced by a male authority in the family, or by a boyfriend. These women are usually dependent on the man, fear losing him, and have a history of having been abused as a child. In addition, just like men who abuse the daughter of their girlfriend or wife, sometimes a mother’s lesbian lover victimizes her partner’s child.

In cases where a woman acts alone in sexually abusing a child, she was usually the victim of incestuous abuse herself, and deviant sexual fantasies are common among these women. They usually abuse their own children or other young children within their own family.

Mothers sometimes force oral sex on their daughter or force the daughter to perform oral sex on her mother. To the victim, this can be the same as being raped by a man.

Some women begin their descent into deviancy by not protecting their child from their husband or boyfriend, and then escalate into helping the abuser rape their daughter. Eventually, the mother can be stimulated by -or sometimes forced into- joining in on the molestation.

In some cases, a mother might become aroused by the thought of sex with a child because of her own experience with having been sexually abused. Through repetition, the human mind can be trained into what is stimulating.

“I want to have sex with your daughter.”

–Barbara Hazel married Bobby Hazel immediately after he was released from prison. Barabara said that Bobby represented someone who would take care of her and protect her.

When Barbara’s daughter Crystal was seven years old, Barbara Hazel asked her husband what he wanted for his birthday. He replied, “I want to have sex with your daughter.” Barbara agreed, and she and her husband both began sexually abusing her daughter.

At first the sexual acts took place when it was the three of them. There was touching, oral sex, kissing, and photos were taken of Barbara having sex with her daughter. Barbara even admitted to liking sex with a little girl. She said it turned her on.

Eventually Barbara began to feel disgusted about the incest, but it continued for several years and grew worse.

Crystal was ultimately left alone with her stepfather. He then raped and sodomized her.

In 1987, Barbara and Bobby Hazel were apprehended and Crystal became the star witness for the prosecution. Bobby Hazel was given forty-four years in prison and Barbara Hazel was sentenced to thirty-three years.

In order to break from the past, Crystal changed her name and says of the abuse:

“It tore my whole world apart, because no matter what she would ever do, I loved her, she was my mom.” 1

Sandra Cantu, Innocent Victim

Sandra Cantu, Innocent Victim

I dare anyone to tell Crystal she should not speak about her mother sexually abusing her, and should instead focus on men who abuse.

I dare anyone to tell the parents of Sandra Cantu that what happened to her was tragic, but that Sandra’s memory should not be tainted by talking about the fact that a woman raped and murdered her.


1. The Ultimate Betrayal MSNBC Investigates 2001

Thank you to “Kitt” for inspiring me to write this much-needed article.

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9 Responses to Women Who Commit Sex Crimes Against Children Are Guilty of Serious Crimes Against Nature

  1. JenJen says:

    I too am the victim of same-sex sexual abuse. My sister molested me when I was little. And, I think my grandmother did too, but the memory is to fuzzy to be sure. I have also been molested by men. There is a difference. And, what my sister did is far more devastating to me then when the man did. All were isolated incidents so, I can tell there is a difference. Not to down play any kind of sexual abuse. It is all horrible and damaging. But, I am sick and tired of being told to downplay what my sister did. I was told, maybe I misunderstood. Maybe it was just part of a game, or simple natural exploration. It wasn’t. It just wasn’t. It is played over and over again in my head. I can’t forget. It hurts. What my sister did is the reason why I am in the state I am in today. I have gone through the works, classic…questioned my sexuality, still do today. Can’t have a normal relationship with anyone. I would give anything to move on from this, but I can’t.

    • Alethea says:

      Jen, your comment brought tears to my eyes. I am SO sorry you have not been able to heal from this. You are giving us very real testimony of the harm that same-sex child sexual abuse does, and especially when it is by an older sister, and downplayed/minimized by others.

      Please know that your body *reacting* to it, and the confusion in your mind, is not who you truly are as a person. The abuse is not who you are, what your body felt is not who you are inside yourself.

      Also, you were a victim. It was child sexual abuse, not exploration, or a game, or “misunderstood. It was child SEXUAL ABUSE and NOT okay!

    • Little Nel says:

      “I would give anything to move on from this, but I can’t”

      I know all too well how you feel about what happened to you in childhood. I know about the emotional memories that bring back the pain and confound the present with feelings of distress and questions like, “Is there something that I’m missing here, that my family knows about, but isn’t telling the whole truth about what happened to me?”

      I am sorry about what happened to you JenJen that causes you so much confusion about normal relationships and sexual issues.

      I had the same experiences and questions at one time. Keep reading the articles in this blog. The fuzziness will start to dissipate as you keep an open mind and continue to seek solutions.

    • Grace says:

      Dear JenJen,

      I am writing to echo was Alethea said…it was NOT normal “exploration” or play (I was told the same thing). It was abuse and it’s not okay.

      I’ve felt that fear of not being able to have a normal relationship with anyone…but it’s a conquerable feeling. For me, therapy has helped tremendously.

      Best of luck to you.

  2. shanakd9 says:

    I have to wonder why Kitt poo poos outing women? Maybe she wants to minimize it for some reason that is sinister. Women should be just as outed as men. I personally think that it is even more vile, or at least as vile as a male perpetrator. A victim of both, I think my mother molesting me was more scarring than being abused by men.

  3. Little Nel says:

    “…Sandra’s memory should not be tainted by talking about the fact that a woman raped and murdered her”

    Oh, how I wished as a child that my own “memory” was not “tainted” by the fact that I was the victim of a same sex abuser. I had wished for someone to listen to me, and believe me, and understand my anguish and shame, so many times. I wanted to talk about it in an effort make it all go away from my memory bank.

    I was silenced by the fear of death, but little Sandra Cantu was silenced by death itself. She must have put up a brave fight for her life, only to be over-powered by a cruel woman who enjoyed the secret thrill of abusing a little girl and not getting caught.

    Rest in Peace, Sandra. I know that you didn’t deserve what happened to you. It was the behavior of an evil perp who had no compassion for her little victim.

  4. KevinF says:

    Well said, Alethea. As you, I and others here are well aware, women can be just as violent and psychopathic/sociopathic as men when abusing children.
    However, Kitt’s view is unfortunately quite widespread in the world due to the control and influence which feminism and political correctness exercise in research and the media regarding these issues. Their basic preconception/hypothesis is Women = Good and (White) Men = Bad. All of their observations and conclusions flow from this and anything that doesn’t fit it’s ignored and denied.
    Pointing out observed reality to ideologists such as these can be very difficult (even dangerous). Just ask Mr. Galileo.
    On a lighter note, I found results from an interesting study on the rte.ie (Ireland) website today. See http://www.rte.ie/news/2014/0815/637225-study/ . The study is from Trinity College University, Dublin (well regarded) and it concludes that older male survivors of child sexual abuse are three times more likely than other men to be too sick or disabled to work and to live in much poorer-than-average households and be more likely than other men to be living alone. The study surveyed 8,500 Irish residents aged between 50 and 65 and provides results for women too.
    This is the first time I’ve ever seen academic research which looks at the life long effects of child abuse on men and women. It confirms what many of us have observed over the years. Now there is some statistical research data published on the issue, it backs up what a lot of us have experienced throughout much of our lives.

  5. Grace says:

    I don’t understand how, even when a female sexually abuses a child, someone would still refer to men as the “real culprit”. Does “Kitt” not realize that anyone who perpetrates, becomes a perpetrator, male or female?!

    Alethea, thank you for posting this much-needed article. It seems that some people still believe that all women are ipso facto victims, with no capacity for personal choice. And the people who hold these beliefs are wrong.

  6. Little Nel says:

    Thank you, Alethea for posting this response to “Kitt.”

    I was a victim of a female perpetrator. The sexual abuse from a same sex offender and the cover up caused me a lot of anguish throughout my life. It is only by the Grace of God that I wasn’t killed or crippled by my abusers in their effort to silence me.

    Yes, female abusers are just as cruel, cunning, and deadly as men, when they sexually abuse a child and want to keep the little vicim silent.

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