Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse by Woman Running County Home Shares Her Remarkable Story of Healing

When I first began to heal from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Shingles, heart problems, urinary problems, IBS, nightmares, severe depression, breathing problems, dizziness, chronic sore throats, pain all over my body, headaches, insomnia, neurological problems, and a long list of other physical and psychological problems… I knew I wanted to help others heal their suffering.

Alethea Spring of 2014.. 15 years ago I was too sick to go for a hike.

Alethea Spring of 2014..
15 years ago I was too sick to go for a hike.

When I read the testimony given to me by Renee (below), I thank God for the opportunity to help others, in spite of what my biological people think of me or what I am doing.

Every time someone whom I referred to my therapist -especially a stranger to me- tells me how wonderful they are doing, and about all the healthy changes in their life, and how much they have overcome because of the therapy, I am beyond gratitude and joy.

One of the women who found my therapist through this Blog has written testimony that she wants to share with my readers:

“I found Evil Sits at the Dinner Table unintentionally while I was looking for information on another subject.

My curiosity was sparked when I realized that the subject matter was child sexual abuse.

As I read the articles, I realized that I related to lots of the “symptoms” that you said that you had been healed from.

I had suffered from a lifetime of PTSD, night terrors, waking myself up from screaming in my sleep from nightmares that I could not remember, fear of falling asleep, fear of being abducted, fatigue, food issues, severe sinus infections, sinus pain, ear aches, crying spells, emotional triggers, anxiety, shingles, and pop up memories in my brain that I didn’t understand, depression, and an overall feeling of brokenness in my feminine soul.

I was impressed by the integrity and truthfulness of your blog in spite of the “ugly topic” and had connected with a lot of the information and facts written in your articles. There were too many things that I could relate to that I couldn’t ignore. I read most of your articles before I decided to respond on your blog.

I decided that I would call Dr. Ysatis de Saint-Simone and begin hypno-therapy to find out what happened in my past that triggered all my misery.

It didn’t take long before I found the words to verbalize and acknowledge that I had been taken into custody at age nine and placed into a County Home. It was there where I was sexually abused by the night matron. I related it to two matrons when they asked me what I did with my underwear. What I “earned” for my truthfulness was a surprise. I was called a liar and trouble-maker. I was told that I would receive punishment for my lying.

I was stripped of my clothing and put into solitary confinement. I was denied food. I experienced terror and had no comfort. I fainted from fear of those matrons and a lack of nourishment. Whatever they used to revive me burned my sinus cavities and hurt severely. When they forced food down my throat, I threw it up and collapsed at the table. There was a cover up of what had happened to me and I feared talking about any of it.

The therapy allowed me to “unload” those horrific memories and place the pain and shame where it belonged on the perpetrators.

The healing of my sinus cavities was immediate and I am still problem free. The re-curing nightmares stopped.

The insomnia has stopped.

The ear aches are gone.

I do not see brokenness in my face anymore when I look into the mirror.

The pop-ups are gone and now I understand why they were there and what they meant to me.

My anxiety has been replaced with energy and an overall feeling of peace. I have clarity and understanding where there was mystery and obscurity before.

The most important thing that I believe that has happened to me is that my life-long struggle with depression, and self-pity are gone.

I know the truth about what happened to me at age nine that caused me so much misery, confusion, and oppression for most of my life.

All my “symptoms” were the normal responses of a neglected, abused nine- year old girl who had no power to stop her abusers.

It wasn’t “past life karma” like some “Psychic” once told me. It was childhood sexual abuse that had traumatized me, so I had “dissociated” from it. It was just as you had described on your blog.

Also, as the “baggage and crap” was removed from my sub-conscious mind, my body has started to respond in a way that I hadn’t expected.

I have been shedding excess pounds without much effort as my energy level has increased. I felt so good that I went on a wilderness hike in the Great Smokey Mountains in a secluded area called the Catalooche Valley. I took my granddaughter with me to view the elk and their calves. I outlasted my young granddaughter this time. She is the one who usually outlasts me in trail hiking through the woodlands.

Many people have told me that “drugs are cheaper than therapy” but I did not want to become drug dependent as the drugs couldn’t cure what ailed me. All they could give me would be temporary relief, not a cure.

I am drug free as I am not dependent of any medications, which is rare for people my age.

Thank you, Alethea for telling me about Dr. Ysatis de Saint-Simone and her amazing therapy. My life has been enriched by you and her.”


You are so very welcome Renee, and thank you for being a very brave soul and for enduring such a horrific childhood. Thank you for surviving so you could live to tell your story and help others. ~Alethea


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  1. Grace says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Renee. 🙂
    I’m so happy for you that you found true healing and peace from your horrific childhood experiences.

  2. KevinF says:

    Great post, Alethea. Very inspiring.

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