Child Sexual Abuse Is Openly Permitted In Our Society


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4 Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Is Openly Permitted In Our Society

  1. mary says:

    These parents who allow their children to wear provocative clothing and be sexualized in these child paegants are an abomination. The other day my cousin and I were disturbed by a comment my other cousin visiting from the east coast made while shopping at a store selling beach clothing….

    me: “Aren’t those shorts a little too short for your little sister?”
    her: “My little sister does gymnastics. My mom likes her to show off her legs. She has a great lower body.”
    me: “Ummmm….. isn’t your little sister like, 8?????”

    Who does an 8 year old need to “show off” her lower body to? How does my cousin and her mother not understand that there is something seriously wrong and indecent with this kind of thinking?

    This is an old article about the french moving to ban child beauty pageants. Thank god there is a country of people with some sort of sense and morality when it comes to the sexualization of children.

  2. tifed3 says:

    Alethea, Please check out Scott Johnson and spideralamode. He has touched so many. On Facebook.


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