Don’t You Want To Help Other Little Children?

Getting this woman’s show cancelled sends a huge message to society about child sexual abuse…the message that we take it very seriously.

Please, please…keep signing these petitions. I have found a good one:



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7 Responses to Don’t You Want To Help Other Little Children?

  1. CC says:

    I never comment, but I had to today just to let you know I’ve signed and shared the petitions you’ve posted for us. Thanks Alethea.

  2. Grace says:

    Thank you for sharing these petitions, Alethea. I have signed them and forwarded them too!

  3. Signed! And you know how I was a huge fan of the show! I even had a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the show… deleted that as well. She is gross, and her apology was likely not even written by her… she is not sorry, she is proud.

    • Alethea says:

      LS, you are awesome. I commend you for going beyond your personal interests and doing what speaks for all children, and grown adult survivors.

  4. susashushan says:

    I have re-posted all of your blog entries about this horrible sexual predator, and nobody has commented. I am astonished… In my opinion, no response is not much different than condoning this predator’s behavior. I will always speak out about child sexual abuse. Thank you for posting all of this.

    All best,

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Susa. No one has paid much attention to my FB (personal Page) post either. Two people hit “like” and one man commented, but I don’t think either of them have signed the petition, and no one else has shared or signed it from my FB Page.

      I think the indifference is as disturbing as Lena Dunham is.

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