Bill Cosby Accused….Lena Dunham Off the Hook

A black male entertainer is accused of raping adult women and his shows are cancelled.

Lena Dunham, a white female entertainer, who openly admits -without any embarrassment and as if she is STILL fantasizing about the child’s anatomy- admits to sexually abusing her sister for years when her sister was seven years younger than her, is uplifted as a role model by most of the media and by many women, and her show on HBO has NOT been cancelled.

In spite of the fact that 95% of people commenting about Lena Dunham on the Online media websites, do so with anger at her, and pointing out that she is a child abuser, most of the U.S. news media continues to support her.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

The U.S. media has gone wild this weekend with the news that the legendary Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by several women.

The news media have virtually pounced on Cosby, and the stories are running like wildfire.

Lena Dunham has been given a gift by the women accusing Bill Cosby, and by the media….and by Bill Cosby, for being a black male.

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17 Responses to Bill Cosby Accused….Lena Dunham Off the Hook

  1. shanakd9 says:

    It makes me want to puke. I sure don’t agree with what Cosby did, but it is entirely different, when it comes to kids and when the perpetrator is applauded for it. Makes me sick. I don’t get it.

  2. I get your point and I do agree… it’s very wrong that one has been allowed to brag about molesting her kid sister since her sister was a baby, and the media has applauded her for being a bold, young feminist. While Bill Cosby has been looked at much more critically. I don’t think it has anything to do with his sex or his race, however. I think there is a bit of ignorance among the general public. It’s easier to chastise Bill Cosby when several adults are coming forward at once to blow the whistle on him. They are all saying they were raped. I think if they had stayed quiet then nothing would’ve come about. He had a victim years ago who came forward and this is what happened… nothing. But, in Lena’s case, her only “known” victim is her sister, who insists nothing bad ever happened and is fully supporting her sister. The ignorance comes in when people don’t realiz that just because Lena’s sister is doing all of this, it doesn’t change the FACT that what happened to her was still wrong & it was still multiple years of child sexual abuse. It is no different when someone suffers from Stockholm Syndrome!!! Just because the victim has compassion for a perp or stayed by their side, it doesn’t lessen the crime committed against them, and it certainly doesn’t mean the perp is any less guilty.

    What I don’t understand is when you say:
    “Lena Dunham has been given a gift by the women accusing Bill Cosby, and by the media….and by Bill Cosby, for being a black male.”
    I know the connection you are making between the two & I know why, but one has nothing to do with the other and it isn’t fair to Bill Cosby’s victims to make a statement like that. It also does no justice by bringing race into it. I can, however, see why you’d say this about the media, and your argument is plenty powerful just saying that. The part about Bill Cosby’s victims (again basically the fault of the media), and he being a black male seem a bit distracting.

    Both of these stories certainly need to be told over & over again until people wake up!

    • Alethea says:

      Dear LS,

      The way this is coming down in the media, has everything to do with gender and race.

      I find it bizarre for society to find it easier to chastise Bill Cosby rather than Lena Dunham. But this is not true anyway….the vast majority of people responding to the Lena Dunham book were against her. The comments around the Web were mostly like mine. It was the U.S. media who supported her, not the public..

      Cosby is being accused of adult rape. Lena Dunham has openly admitted to being a child sexual abuser….and in her own words, “I did everything any sexual predator of children would do.”

      If that admission does not spark outrage by the media, then I don’t have any hope for CHILDREN.

      Adult rape, is quite different from child sexual abuse.

      Stockholm Syndrome is different from what Grace Dunham experienced.

      But it’s true that just because the victim has compassion for a abuser, or kidnapper, it doesn’t lessen the crime committed against them.

      I said what I did because Bill Cosby’s accusers coming forward right now is a gift for Dunham. There is no hidden meaning, or any derogatory feelings. It’s just a fact. Their coming forward right now is a gift for Dunham. The vast majority of the media -who want to support Lena Dunham– have suddenly been given the opportunity to shift their articles to Bill Cosby. This is a gift for Lena Dunham..’ipso-facto’ (Ipso facto is a Latin phrase, meaning “by the fact itself…” –meaning a direct consequence, cause and effect. This is a term of philosophy, law, and science.

      Race has a lot to do with the way this is being handled. It would serve no justice if I DID NOT say race has a lot to do with the way the media is handling it.

      You keep calling them “Bill Cosby’s victims” but frankly, we truly have no idea right now how many of them are truly victims. Women sometimes make false allegations of rape in order to gain money from the accused, or they suppress their role in the event, and neglect to take any responsibility for their own actions.

      False allegations of adult rape are far more common than false allegations of child sexual abuse, made by a child.

      Like in my case of adult rape. I should NEVER have gone to Las Vegas with a customer at my place of employment that I truly did not know very well. I set myself up for that rape.

      Natalie Holloway is also partially responsible for her death because she went off willingly with a bunch of men unknown to her, in a foreign country.

      CHILDREN are innocent, adults and older teenagers, not always.

      • I get what you mean now, I tend to get hung up on things from time to time. I guess it was the wording, and I do understand your point. It is only my opinion when I say I don’t feel it has anything to do with race. If more children were to come forward (say Grace had childhood friends for example) would be a bigger story. I am NOT saying I agree with it, one sibling is one too many. I am basically saying they are two different issues all together as well… adult rape & child sexual abuse. And so much of it IS how the media chooses to go after certain stories more than others. But media isn’t society… they just have a louder voice.

        And I’m sorry I do not agree with you on the Vegas trip. You can look back and wish you had done things differently, but you can’t say you set yourself up for it. You can’t own that… those were his actions not yours. Not to mention the fact that you were not raised to value yourself and protect yourself. I have been vulnerable several times in my life, but lucky enough to not be around a wolf in sheeps clothing at the time.

        • Alethea says:

          Yes, adult rape and child sexual abuse are indeed two different issues. One is about innocent children, who do NOTHING to provoke being sexually abused, bribed, betrayed, sexually confused, forced into acts, forced into witnessing acts. The other is adult women who sometimes set themselves up for a bad situation because they want to hang out with a star or be discovered, or even might have deliberately wanted to get pregnant with the guy to gain money. There are adult menizers (female version of womanizers), and women who make false accusations of rape.

          You can disagree with me about the Vegas trip all you want, but it was my bad mistake. I was the one who went with the guy, and I experienced it all. You cannot judge my feelings about my own rape experience.

          My rape as an adult can never be put in the same box, or ball field, or even planet, as a child being sexually raped or abused by an older teenager, or an adult

        • Alethea says:

          Hi LS,

          I know we might disagree about certain things, but I wonder if you would not mind helping me. I want to write the sponsors of the HBO show “Girls” and tell them to pull their adds for the show. However, I don’t think the new season has started yet, and I have never watched it.

          Maybe you can remember some of the sponsors for the show? Or are there no commercials? Do you remember? I tried doing an online search but found nothing.

          Thanks 🙂


      • mary says:

        I noticed that you removed that particular post you are talking about. Why is that?

        While I do think adults are responsible for their actions, and that even adult victims of sexual abuse must think about how the decisions they made led to the situation that allowed the rape or abuse to happen, that does not take away the responsibility from the perpetrator either. The perpetrator originated the evil action and the evil intention. Bill Cosby knew that drugging women was wrong and just because these women allowed him to do so, he should have known not to do something like that over and over and over again. He’s Bill Cosby. This is a guy who was a moral figure and for years told young black men to “pull their pants up” This was a man with tons of power and influence. Although I am puzzled as to why some of these women continued to seek his presence afterwards, I would not be surprised if a good chunk of them must have been troubled young women coming from abusive backgrounds…. Janice Dickinson in particular was sexually abused by her father (and her siblings were victims as well). Bill Cosby clearly preyed upon and targeted vulnerable women who really needed help and probably thought they could find that protective male figure in him. THAT IS EVIL! Why would drug and have sex with someone who is probably already suffering so much psychologically from their childhood? Why didnt he just leave these women alone? This man was already married as well. Although to be fair, those women should have left him alone as well.

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Mary.

          I deleted that article about my rape because of the very things you are writing about here.

          I do not want to mix adult rape with child sexual abuse, as they are ENTIRELY different crimes.

          I am glad you realize that adults are responsible for their actions.

          I have no time to read about the Bill Cosby accusations, so I am writing in general terms…

          There are women who are a direct cause of the man’s anger towards her, or who contribute to their own rape circumstances by confusing the man, or getting him to a certain point and then saying “no.” Or, like in Roman Polanski’s case…I heard from someone who was around that crowd when the rape happened, and i was told the mother of the victim sent her to set Polanski up to rape her so the mother and daughter could get money from him. That rings true. I don’t know what happened, but that is possible. The girl was 14, so not so innocent if she was in on the set up.

          Natalie Holloway went off with a group of strange men in a strange country.

          Nicole Simpson was having oral sex with her boyfriend downstairs, while her kids were upstairs. O.J….while very guilty of the crimes of murder, saw them through the window and was infuriated by her actions with Ron Goldman while his kids slept upstairs. She also provoked O.J. many times before that night.

          Women provoke men, taunt men, and physically abuse men. They are NOT always victims. The man is responsible for his crime, but aggravating circumstances brought on by the adult woman –physical and psychological ones, can provoke a man to commit a serious crime against her.

          I want my Blog to be clearly geared towards child sexual abuse only. I do not want to confuse adult rape with child sexual abuse.

          Children and animals are innocent. Adults, not always. Teenagers…. not always.

          • Alethea says:

            I meant that I don’t have time to read about the Cosby accusations at online media sites. I READ what you wrote Mary. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

          • mary says:

            I think you were right in removing the article. They are very different crimes. I did think it was somewhat out of place in a blog about child sexual abuse, although the part about the repression of traumatic memories is what I thought made it relevant to this blog.

          • mary says:

            Very interesting about Roman Polanski, although I am inclined to believe that is something a supporter would say to discredit the victim and still think the 14 year old was completely innocent due to her age at the time and a victim of Polanski or her mother (or likely both). Developmentally rape by a much older adult would be much more damaging the younger the child is, and is definitely much more severe a crime. But I still feel the same protective instincts towards a 14 year old as I do for an 8 year old if they were being lured sexually by an adult…. that’s how I feel so I am biased in that sense. But if that is true, that is crazy and that mother is truly a devil.

            The part about Nicole Brown was something I didn’t know either. I can see how doing lewd acts out in the open (where one easily see through a window) with a strange man while your kids are in the house and could see that could provoke OJ Simpson to do what he did. Some women do not care about who or what they expose their children to. There’s always details we do not know. What if Nicole Brown was bringing a child molester or pedophile near his kids? Not condoning murder, and again, only God knows why some things happen, but if it was something like that, I could see how a man could lose it…

            Woman are definitely not always victims.

  3. jimmy says:

    This is honestly the first time i have seen u be unbiased against anyone who is accused of rape or child molestation. For once it seems that innocent until proven guilty may mean something. Now im not calling these women liars or saying bill cosby did it.
    The way i see it everyone gets their day in court and i am not going to say they are innocent or guilty until all the facts are told and we see what happens in court if it goes there
    U seem surprised at the media’s bias. I don’t no y that is. I have always said i dont trust them and they aren’t interested in the truth. All they care about is ratings and revenue. And they no scandals sell

    • Alethea says:

      “This is honestly the first time i have seen u be unbiased against anyone who is accused of rape or child molestation. For once it seems that innocent until proven guilty may mean something.”

      You obviously have never read my articles on Elizabeth Smart.

      and after the verdicts in Casey Anthony, Michael Jackson, O.J Simpson, and probably Robert Blake too, there is no justice in the legal system anymore. So “innocent” and “guilty” mean nothing.

      I don’t know why you think I seem surprised at the media bias. I am not surprised at all.

    • I am still flabbergasted whenever anyone says this blog has ever been “biased.” General comments like that are pretty meaningless anyway. Some people feel that it is one sided focusing too much on female abusers, but that is simply untrue. She speaks from her own experiences much of the time, and that includes abuse by her Father. Even if he did not abuse her and it was only specific women in her life, so be it. The attention she brings to the subject of childhood sexual abuse is all that matters! Male or female who cares! These are her stories, and the stories of others that she wants to share. If you feel she is biased at other times, go write your own blog. Alethea does an amazing job, especially given all that she has been through. She gives us the reader an insight that is very unique, brutally honest and HELPFUL.

      I am sorry, btw, for posting twice on here. I was in and out of the service area and lost my first post… didn’t realize the 2nd one actually worked, and then did the longer one…. geez. Feel free to delete one if you’d like:)

      • Alethea says:

        Thank you LS. I appreciate the support.

        Truth is rarely comfortable, and makes many people uncomfortable when kit is spoken. Those who are uncomfortable with lies, or half-truths, are made comfortable by truth.


        • mary says:

          I really think that when it comes to female sexual abusers, even if your blog is “biased” at the end of the day it really is a female sexual abusers and enablers are a real threat that the media under reports and people in general over look. For example I want to share with you this story:

          Oprah, the billionaire philanthropist opened up a leadership academy for some of the most underprivileged girls in South Africa. These are girls who have on average experienced 5 major life traumas at young ages…. rape, molestation, death of one of two parents, violence, etc. She went through lengths to make sure the girls were safe (no men allowed on the campus after a certain time, barbed wire fences, a high-tech entry system and all-female security.

          “We thought our risks were all men-related, so my goal was to keep the men out,” -Oprah

          Ironically, In the end, it was a female matron that was sexually abusing the students on campus.

  4. I think part of the problem is that so many of his victims are coming forward at the same time and many of them are considered credible & famous. Lena’s only “known” victim has been brainwashed her whole life and believes what happened was no big deal. AND she and is advocating for her molester. Both are disgusting, but some people seem to be able to say it’s ok as long as the victim is fine with it. It’s all insane!

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