Fighting Big Corporations and Child Sexual Abuse at the Same Time

First off, I am grateful to everyone who responded and voted in the Poll about taking action against the normalization of child sexual abuse by Lena Dunham.

In reviewing the Poll results, and in reading the responses, I am not only honored and grateful for what you all had to say, but I am happy to report that the vast majority of those who voted, agree with my position on the severity of what Lena Dunham has done and what she represents.

So far, only three people stated that they think what Lena did to her little sister was creepy, but not abuse.

However, I was saddened to read that three people checked the box that said, “What’s the use if I take action? Nothing will happen.”

This is the exact reason people SHOULD take action.

lena-dunham-rolling-stoneCan you imagine how huge it would be, if EVERY person who is outraged by this situation took action by writing a letter to HBO, signing the petition, and calling, or writing Random House, asking them to pull her book from the shelves?

If every person took action, HBO would be forced to cancel her show, Random House would have to tuck it’s tail and remove her vile book.

In reading some of the responses to my Poll post, and after reading countless comments at several websites with articles on Dunham and her book, I have realized two things:


  • The Mainstream Press, and fans of Dunham, are predominately the guilty ones perpetuating  the belief that what she did to her little sister, and that she wrote about it without any embarrassment (and with words that sexual predators might use) is nothing to be upset about. If you read the comments by readers at all of the Online News sources, you can see that most of society feels the same way I do about Dunham.
  • Secondly, I have come to find out that there are people who believe that because Lena and Grace are both females, that the sexual molestation is not that big a deal.

As far as the first issue goes, I bet Random House is paying some of these Online writers to write a favorable article about Lena and her book. Random House reportedly gave a 3.7 million dollar advance to Lena for the book. Random House is probably freaking out about this situation and scrambling to get the book sold.

I read that Amazon put the book on their book of the month list, but you can bet your life that Random House and Amazon have financial connections. There are hundreds of negative reviews about the book on Amazon.

As I mentioned above, there are literally hundreds of thousands of comments that are negative about Dunham, and her book, at the Online websites that have posted articles about this.

This is especially true for the latest breaking news, that Lena might have lied in her book about being raped in college.

When you view the articles in favor of Dunham, the comments are either non-existent (because they aren’t approving any unfavorable comments), or there are only one or two comments in support of Dunham.

One female reviewer, dared to joke about child molestation:

“Dunham’s book is a “great conversation starter for awkward holiday parties. For example, “Hey, how weird is it that Lena Dunham played with her sister’s vag when she was seven? Kids do the dardnest thing,” right before you grab another drink.”

The writer then called Lena, “the voice of our generation.”

Another website called her a “role model.”

As far as the second observation goes -the belief that because Lena and Grace Dunham are both female, this means what happened is nothing to get riled up about….

I will write about that topic tomorrow.

Stay tuned…….


Petition to have Lena Dunham’s show on HBO cancelled:

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5 Responses to Fighting Big Corporations and Child Sexual Abuse at the Same Time

  1. Badabing says:

    LOL As if so many people “voted.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give it up and stop pretending like you were raped and as if you are doing ANYTHING to help REAL rape victims, you sicko.

  2. Red says:

    I was wondering whether the rape allegations might be a DARVO story–Deny Accusations, Reverse Victim-Offender Order–because some things just did not add up.

  3. shanakd9 says:

    This makes me sick. I don’t know if I missed the poll or not. I hope I didn’t. I am totally repulsed by this sick twisted woman.

  4. Grace says:

    The notion that it’s “no big deal” because the two sisters are both female is terrifying to me, and is something I cannot more strongly disagree with. I am highly disturbed that there are people out there who actually feel this way. I wonder what crazy pill they must have taken.

    In my own experience being molested by an older sister, I can vouch for the fact that abuse power play is severely detrimental to the growth and development of any child, whether the perpetrator was male or female. This is STILL the case whether or not the siblings remain in touch, appearing as “friends” or “close”. However, I also am inclined to feel as though same-sex child abuse may even be worse because of the stigma associated with it, AND the female perpetrator has been (for me) a big issue that is connected to a lack of protection…big sisters are “supposed” to be nurturing and protective. I realize that not all people abused by a female have experienced this, but to me, a female perpetrator has added a different dimension to the abuse, the realization that it was indeed abuse (females are highly manipulative…) and the healing I have undergone.

    Lena Dunham is completely messed up and degenerate – she was certainly OLD ENOUGH to know the difference and to know what she was doing was wrong. Now, bragging about it as an adult, is doing harm to her sister that she (and her sister, probably) are not remotely aware of. If my older sister began bragging about the way I was abused by her, I would probably be mentally, emotionally, sexually, and otherwise completely traumatized. It would be the abuse all over again, but with an added element of callus.

    I refuse to allow her to be a “voice” for this generation. I have been considering writing a letter to HBO (I signed the petition), maybe I will continue with this comment and turn it into a letter I can send them and express myself poignantly.

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