Good News (Sort Of) About Lena Dunham

Although I am happy that Dunham might be held accountable for something, and Random House sued, or her books pulled…I am only sorry that it was not because of an uprising of millions of people –including the mainstream press- who demanded that Lena be held accountable for the sexual abuse she perpetrated on her little sister, and for how she wrote about it so brazenly…

Lena Dunham flashing the Satanic hand signal

Lena Dunham flashing the Satanic hand signal

“The man identified as “Barry One” in a Breitbart News investigation debunking Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in college by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry, has made his first official statement since the release of that report.

Through his attorney, identified as Aaron Minc, Barry One has set up a legal fund to cover current legal expenses, clear his name, and to potentially file suit against Ms. Dunham.

The proceeds from the legal fund will be used only to cover Barry One’s legal expenses. If there are any leftover monies, those will be donated to non-profit organizations that aid sexual assault victims.  

For more than two months, and to no avail, Barry One has asked Dunham (through her representatives) to clear his name. Obviously, she has refused.

“All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation,” the statement reads, “including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.”

The statement adds that due to numerous details in Dunham’s memoir that falsely point to him as her rapist, “Barry has already spent a substantial portion of his savings on legal fees because of the actions (and inactions) of Ms. Dunham and Penguin Random House.”

The statement makes it apparent that Barry One has already racked up at least two months worth of legal fees. Through his attorney, Barry One has been in contact with Dunham’s representatives since October 6. “Despite multiple requests,” the statement says, “Lena Dunham has not issued any sort of statement clearing Barry’s name and clarifying the confusion that is happening.”

The statement concludes by assuring contributors that “any proceeds not used on legal related costs will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that assist victims of rape and sexual assault, to be selected at a later date.”

Questions and inquiries should go through Mr. Minc, who is with the law firm of Dinn Hochmann & Potter, LLC.

Two well-respected legal writers, the Washington Post’s Eugene Volokh and Power Line’s John Hinderaker agree that Barry One has a solid libel case against Dunham.”



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5 Responses to Good News (Sort Of) About Lena Dunham

  1. I do appreciate you as a source to help me stay informed about this case. I still don’t know exactly who she is and why anyone would read any book she wrote, so I could have missed most of the story.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks!!! I did not know who she was either, not until I read what she wrote about her sister, and how she wrote it, and the photos she took of her little sister as a child.

      Sign this petition to get her HBO show cancelled. Send the message to Lena, and to society, and to HBO that child sexual abuse will not be tolerated, or normalized, or glorified. SIGN this petition demanding that Lena be held accountable for the sexual abuse she perpetrated on her little sister, and for how she wrote about it so brazenly…and as if she was still fantasizing about her sister’s anatomy. Sign here, and SPREAD this petition to have her show “Girls” cancelled by HBO.

  2. It’s a start… I just hope she feels it, and that this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks LS. I have been persistently posting like crazy at any articles I find about her online, and there are many many articles right now.

  3. Red says:

    I hate to say this, but…I feel some schadenfreude here. (Okay, I don’t really hate to say it.)

    I read the controversy over the rape allegations, and I basically feel that what Dunham did was to drag rape victims into the mud with her and foist her identity on them in one of those super-narcissistic you-are-an-extension-of-me ways.

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