Women Being Excused of Child Sexual Abuse

One of my readers has made me realize there may be many female survivors of child sexual abuse who won’t take action about Lena Dunham merely because she is a woman.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of women getting away with sex crimes because of their female anatomy.

I was told by the woman who read my Blog that Lena Dunham was most likely a victim too, and she “needs help.”

Lena does not want help, she does not think she needs help, and she is supported by everyone who defends her and who allows her to continue in what she does because they give her a pat on the behind, or more money for her show on HBO, or they promote her book with a favorable review. And she is even defended by people who work with child abuse victims like the woman who instigated today’s article.

Nearly EVERY man who has ever raped or sexually abused a child was once a victim himself and needs help.

It is hypocritical and disingenuous to excuse Lena because she is a woman, but condemn men and older teenage boys who sexually abuse children.

All male perpetrators need help, and most were “a victim too.”

In spite of the fact that male and female perpetrators need help, people need to choose to defend the innocence of children………not the perpetrator.

Children who were sexually abused by a woman or teenage girl, want to be HEARD. Adult survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by a female want to be heard. They don’t want, or need, anyone defending their victimizer because she happens to have different body parts than a man.

In addition, once a victim turns around and sexually violates another child, they are no longer a victim; they have crossed over to perpetrator.

Please read my article on why sexual abuse by a woman is often more devastating on the victim than when a man does it.



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5 Responses to Women Being Excused of Child Sexual Abuse

  1. Traci says:

    If it is my comments you are referring to, you are putting words in my mouth that I DID NOT SAY! I do not excuse or condone the behavior. Any adult, regardless of whether or not they were victimized themselves as children, should absolutely be held accountable for his/her actions! There is NO excuse for an adult who sexually abuses a child.
    My point…A child who has been a victim of sexual abuse will often act out by mirroring that abuse and victimizing another child. That does not make it OK. It makes it a double tragedy. I still maintain that a CHILD cannot be held accountable for such actions, while he or she is still a CHILD. Both CHILDREN are victims.
    I work for the CASA program in my county, I have seen numerous cases of older siblings who have perped on younger siblings as a result of the abuse they suffered themselves.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Traci,

      I searched my Blog for comments from you, and cannot find any. I do remember a person named Traci commenting to me about Dunham, did you delete your comments? Were you the person who said you work “with horrific abuse cases?” and this is why Lena’s sexual abuse of her sister was not as alarming to you? If so…let me tell you that I would rather be raped by a man, than sexually molested by a female, and BOTH happened to me as a child, so I can speak from experience.

      Nevertheless, coming from someone who was sexually abused by my older (teenage) sister: When a person calls a teenager a victim, I become very disturbed. Any teenager KNOWS the sexual abuse is wrong. THEY KNOW it is abuse.

      If you are talking about a seven year-old Lena, then no, seven year-olds are not aware of being sexually abusive. But, as the child gets older, they do develop rational-minded thinking, and by a certain age, they do become aware it is abuse. What age? I don’t know. Maybe by 13.

      If you are going to excuse Lena Dunham at age seven, fine. But please remember that it was 26 year-old Lena who wrote that book! A seven year-old did not write that filthy, degenerate book. Please also be aware that it was 13 year-old Lena who used to force her sister to make-out with her (Read her Rolling Stone interview).

      Please also be aware that it was 17 year-old Lena masturbating in bed next to a pre-pubescent.

      It was 26 year-old Lena who wrote about her sister’s vagina, and her body, in that book –wrote about it as if still fantasizing about the child.

      It was twenty-something Lena who posted a disturbing photo of her little five year-old sister with fake breasts, and “hell’s angel’s sex property” as the caption.

      • Alethea says:

        I just found a petition online which adds to my belief system about Lena Dunham: “Lena Dunham’s account of her sexual abuse of her younger sister in her recently published ‘memoir’ — Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned’ — makes unmistakably clear that she is a degernerate personality. […] She clearly conveys her adult longing for the sick pedophilia experience she aggressively imposed on and waged against a younger sibling that lacked the power to defend herself, in an incestuous sexual abuse campaign. Lena Dunham does NOT feel accountable, and is NOT atoning for anything by her confession, rather she feels she is superior to anyone else and life is all about her,…”


  2. susashushan says:

    I also totally agree with you. This is a crime that apparently has been “overlooked” for decades. Same sex sexual abuse can cause so much damage that many times, the victim does not even realize until later years.

  3. shanakd9 says:

    I agree with you 100%. It is disgusting and horrible. I can hardly believe that people think that this is okay because she is a woman. Horrible.

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