Not That Kind of Boy –A Memoir By Bill Crosby

New York – Bill Crosby, the creator and star of “Boys,” in his newly published memoir, has written a refreshing book, empowering for all men, which takes readers on a journey of self-discovery through his boyhood, manhood, dating and friendships.

Through his series of essays, Crosby shares what he learned on his path to self-awareness with candor and raw honesty that emboldens readers. His painfully-relatable stories of one-night stands with toxic women and dead-end jobs with no purpose, lead the reader into loving relationships, and later, a fulfilling career as an entertainer.

The memoir is thoughtful, hilarious, and exquisitely written.

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On Sale Now!

Within its pages, Crosby writes about his quirky relationship with his younger brother -seven years his junior. Crosby boldly admits to having a strong curious attraction to the younger child’s penis.

In the memoir, Crosby vividly describes the time when, at age seven, he wanted to examine his little brother’s penis to see what it looked like up close.

Crosby writes how the one-year-old, who was playing outside at the time, “didn’t resist” the older boy’s desire to look closely at the toddler’s penis, as well as his testicles. Crosby writes how he squealed with delight when he handled the boy’s penis, and rejoiced in his obsession with the younger child’s testicles.

Later, Crosby takes the reader into his mind even further, when he brazenly writes that he used to coerce his five-year old brother, into kissing him on the lips for extended periods of time, and how Crosby used bribery and psychological manipulation -including fear- on the little boy, in order to get the child to lay on Crosby’s body for Crosby’s gratification.

As if the reader is not happy enough with the details of Crosby’s boyhood pleasures, the memoir continues on, describing that -up until age 17 –an age when Crosby was old enough to be exploring himself sexually with other teenagers — Crosby regularly masturbated in bed with his pre-pubescent brother lying next the seventeen year-old.

Bill Crosby poignantly describes his little brother’s body “thrashing” next to him, and he made a point of writing how the child’s body felt “sticky and muscley” while Crosby masturbated next to him.

Later in the memoir, Bill Crosby opens up about being raped in college.

After Bill Crosby runs into a fellow school-mate named “Barbara,” the memoir takes us to his college apartment where he has brought Barbara, and the two end up doing “all the things grown-ups do” and Crosby shares with readers, how the two engaged in oral sex.

Twists and turns tickle the reader’s curiosity, when Crosby openly admits that, during more sex together, he asks Barbara, twice, “Do you want to make me come?” 

Next, Crosby describes the moment in which he discovers that Barbara had removed the condom that Bill Crosby had gotten out of his First-Aid Kit for the sexual encounter. This is when Bill Crosby tells Barbara to leave.

Crosby writes how, later that night, he opened up his “Intimacy Database” on his computer and logged his sexual activities:

“Barbara Number Four. We fucked. 69’d. It was terribly aggressive. Only once. No one came. Barbara fucked me. Fucked me so hard that the next morning I had to sit in a hot bath to soothe myself.”

Sometime later, Bill Crosby was told by a friend that the sex acts with Barbara had been rape, not consensual sex. Readers are left shocked that Barbara would rape Crosby. The poor young man did not even know it was rape.

Although Bill Crosby has used a pseudonym for his attacker, he refuses to reveal the woman’s real name –even after being told it was rape, and after being threatened with a libel suit from a woman who attended the college at that time, and who says she is the “Barbara” described in Crosby’s memoir.

Crosby has stated that although “Barbara” was a pseudonym, his publisher, Pandom House, is changing the book to avoid a lawsuit.

Bill Crosby has now begun making public statements about his rape by the woman in college. Crosby says he hopes that other rape survivors will also share their stories, and he hopes that rape victims will come forward, and be believed.

~New York Book Reviews


“By simply telling his own story in all its specificity and sometimes embarrassing detail, Crosby has written a book that’s as acute and heartfelt as it is funny.”The New York Times

“This man has crafted a warm, intelligent writing that is both deeply personal and engaging. . . . Crosby is not only a voice who deserves to be heard but also one who will inspire others , and rape victims, to tell their stories too.”Time Magazine

“A lovely, touching, surprisingly sentimental portrait of a man who, despite repeatedly baring his naked body and soul to the public, remains a bit of an enigma: a man who sets the agenda, defies classification and seems utterly at home in his own skin.”Chicago Tribune

“There’s a lot of power in retelling your story so people can see what’s so funny about it—and so that you are in control. Crosby knows about this power, and he has harnessed it.”The Washington Post

Not That Kind of Boy should be required reading for anyone who thinks they understand the experience of being a young man in our culture. I thought I knew the author rather well, and I identified with him in so many ways. I love this man”New York Daily News


This article is satire. The message is that white, wealthy women are supported, encouraged, rewarded, and celebrated for lying about rape and having committed sibling incest, and for joking about child molestation as if it is a funny thing to do –while a black man would be tarred and feathered in Time Square, and his TV shows cancelled.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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14 Responses to Not That Kind of Boy –A Memoir By Bill Crosby

  1. Little Nel says:

    What has happened in the entertainment industry? I remember when entertainers/actors had “morality clauses” in their contracts. It gave the industry a sense of respectability.

    Now, it seems that “artistic license” has given way to the degradation and exploitation of people without a thought about the harmful consequences that these things produce.

    • Alethea says:

      Yep. Even Brian William, the famous journalist has shown himself. His daughter is one of the stars of “Girls” and she did a debasing sex scene (read: porno, under the guise of “racy sex scene on an HBO show), in the show that aired last Sunday. In the scene, his daughter is doing a sexual act with a guy –an act that does not look simulated at all (from what I saw online, and what I read). It is something that dogs do to one another.

      Brian Williams was asked how he feels about his daughter’s ‘sex scene’ and watching it. he replied that he and his wife enjoy watching their daughter’s show, and that “no animals were hurt” in the scene, so he does not understand what the big deal is.

      Brian Williams cannot consider himself a journalist anymore. “No animals were hurt” on his daughter’s degenerate show? What about all the children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse who have been hurt, minimized, and virtually laughed at by her co-star’s book? If he has nothing but good things to say about what his daughter does, then he supports her and Dunham, as he wants his daughter to keep her job on her filthy show.

      People like Williams will defend anything their children do, regardless of how degenerate it is, or what kind of message his support sends to society. He has debased himself. I think it is the most ignorant, ridiculous sentence to come out of the mouth of a so-called professional “journalist” who has the power to sway the American public with his work.

      • mary says:

        That is twisted. As a father, shouldn’t he either desire not to watch it or express some kind of shame, or the very very very minimum some kind of discomfort at watching his daughter simulate an explicit sex act? Raises red flags to me.

        Also, with sex getting more and more explicit on television….. I really long for the days when sex used to be considered a private and sacred act between two adults.

        • Alethea says:

          There is an entire culture going on, driven by ‘the powers that be’ in which sex with anyone, any kind of sex, and parents not caring, or doing it themselves in extra-marital affairs. It’s not like the sixties sexual revolution either, that was more pure, more natural, more connected to two people loving one another too. This is outright Satanic behavior, and inspired and powered by those who run/control the media.

  2. EdwardC says:

    This is getting to be all too regular, the way stars (or on-the-edge artist, singers, authors) just announce they’ve had some just-short-of-prison-time experience in their past that makes the five percent of perverts in the general population run out and purchase, and/or read, or listen to that person’s new product with it’s icky revelation. Several decades ago the vampire writer Anne Rice made her career with a story about a little girl vampire who was “raised” by two adult male vampire. That type of subject matter has only become more pronounced and available. There is a tectonic change going on not only in the chosen subject matter of those make entertainment products, but also in the audience that consumes it. The sexual morals of the American (and European) public is subtly but substantially changing and not for the better.

    • Alethea says:

      You are correct Edward, sadly, correct.

      I had not known about that Anne Rice story. So sick.

      Thank you for leaving a great comment…


  3. gigi says:

    Great article and so true!! Also it was said many of the women who accused Cosby of rape have history of false accusations such as Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson who lied to Stallone that he was her child’s father etc; And if Cosby gets to have his reputation ruined what about Hugh Hefner according to Judith Reisman he promotes pedophilia and a rape environment too. she was sued by playboy for saying they promote pedophilia they ultimately lost the case because its true but the American media chooses to turn a blind eye to rich white men and women abuse it is very sad as scum bags come in every color

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Gigi, for an intelligent comment. I do not outright believe all the accusations of the Cosby women at all. Maybe half are true… Who knows? But look at Lena Dunham’s idea of “rape.” If that is any indication of what a grown woman thinks rape is, then a number of Cosby accusers probably had consensual sex with him.

  4. Omg

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  5. jimmy says:

    Parts of this article are almost word for word the same as that lady you wrote about who wrote a book in which she said she molested her sister

  6. susashushan says:

    Brilliant comparison. I wish that more would see the truth.

  7. Alethea says:

    Yesterday, I cancelled my subscription to HBO because they did not cancel Lena Dunham’s show “Girls.’ I am SAVING $19.00 per month just be doing that! I also told HBO why I cancelled. It feels great!

    • KevinF says:

      Well done, Alethea. Corporations understand the kind of action that can affect their bottom line.
      And an excellent article. Demonstrates the whole double standard in the media and society very well.

      • Alethea says:

        Thanks Kevin. Once I wrote the article, it was difficult to read and edit. Just reading it from the male on male angle, was disturbing. I hope the image of the teenage boy doing that to his little brother makes an impact on those who think female-female child sexual molestation isn’t ‘that big a deal.’

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