Five Year-Old Girls Are Hell’s Angel’s Sex Property ~Lena Dunham

Open Letter (letter #2) To Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)
1220 L Street, NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20005

January 23 2015


As of the date of this letter, I have not received any response to my three letters —each one mailed to your three major RAINN officers.

I am also personally aware of two other incest survivors, who voiced their concerns to your officers. To my knowledge, those survivors also have not received any response from RAINN.

The lack of response to our grave concerns indicates that RAINN does not know how to handle survivors of rape and incest, because if RAINN had skills in this regard, one of you would have replied to our letters –even if to disagree, but someone from your organization would have replied.

I was sexually abused by my much older teenage sister and sexually abused by my mother (and raped by my father). RAINN’s lack of response to me is like saying to my wounded child, “we support the women who abused you.” RAINN’s silence triggered my self-worth issues, depression, the feeling of “what’s the use?” and triggered being ignored, and unheard as a child. It was essentially a re-wounding for me as an incest survivor.

However, I worked through the emotional and psychological reaction to your silence. I am strong again, and your lack of response and your obvious continued support for Lena Dunham, has pushed me to take on your silence at a higher level of action.

Your silence indicates that Lena Dunham might be giving RAINN financial donations. If so, she is essentially paying you to support her and to ignore people like myself, and the countless other victims and survivors of sibling incest, and rape, who Lena Dunham has harmed, re-wounded, minimized, de-valued, and virtually laughed at.

In addition, any financial support Dunham is giving to RAINN, means your organization is hypocritical, and that Lena Dunham is buying your support of her book, “Not That Kind of Girl” —a book which normalizes sibling incest, laughs at child molestation, and puts children at risk.

Your support of Lena Dunham also means you support the brazen photos she posted of herself, and of her little sister as a young child –photos she posted for the public on the Internet.

B1ifuZaCUAAySjQ.jpg large

I enclosed those two photos to each of you in my previous letters. One of those photos was very disturbing to a woman who was raped and tortured for three days at age 13. She now works with the FBI, helping them to stop child pornography, and online child exploitation. She helped me to report the photo Dunham posted of her then five-year-old sister, with fake breasts, make-up, and the caption, “Hell’s Angel’s Sex Property.” RAINN should be aware that members of the Hell’s Angel’s Organization have been linked to several cases of RAPE.

Enclosed with this letter is the latest disgusting photo that Lena Dunham posted of herself, the night of the Golden Globe Awards. This photo was taken a short time after Ms. Dunham decided to delete her Twitter account because she was ‘feeling afraid’ over people voicing their opinions of what she did to her sister, and says she wanted to “create a safer emotional space.”

Look at the enclosed photo. This woman is not afraid of anything. On the contrary, this photo shows the woman who called what she did to her little sister “basically anything a child sexual predator would do.” Lena Dunham is standing topless, holding one of her breasts, as if saying “screw everyone I offended by writing about what I did for ten years to my little sister.”

This photo brought up the image of my mother, in her bathrobe, wanting me to pleasure her sexually, and it is disturbing to any woman, or man, who was sexually abused by their older sisters, mothers, or any other woman or young adult female.

lena_dunham_pasties_640 TwoLena Dunham makes a joke out of rape and sexual abuse, and RAINN’s support of this woman legitimizes that women can freely sexually abuse a child.

RAINN’s Facebook Page says, “Give the gift of hope.” RAINN’s silence with me, and RAINN’s continued approval of Lena Dunham, and RAINN’s refusal to retract public support of Ms. Dunham has taken away much of the hope I ever had that the children of this world will be protected by adults, and that survivors of rape and incest will be defended, or helped, by organizations such as yours.

Your Facebook Page also states, “Be part of RAINN’s legacy in supporting survivors.” You want financial donations, but RAINN does not support rape and incest survivors. If RAINN did its research online, it would have found that hundreds of thousands of people have expressed the same opinion I have about Lena Dunham. The only people who have supported her, and denied what she did to her sister -and who have defended the way she wrote about it- are the online entertainment media (because they are financially linked to her show “Girls”), the fans of her show, a few celebrities, and RAINN. The vast majority of the general public does not support this woman.

Subsequently, I will now attempt to contact any, or all, financial donators to your organization. I will voice myself to them with my concerns about your open support of Lena Dunham, and your outrageous lack of regard for incest survivors.

If Lena Dunham is giving you donations, then RAINN had better decide where its morals and principles are.

Do not mistake me for someone who will ‘just go away if we ignore her.’

On the contrary, RAINN’s silence about this matter has made me stronger, and I will be more vocal.

You cannot consider yourself an organization that helps, supports, or heals rape and incest survivors if you continue to support Lena Dunham. If you refuse to publicly retract your support of Lena Dunham, then RAINN has crossed over to ‘an organization which supports child sexual abuse, incest, and debauchery.’



Sources for the photo:

WARNING….this photo is extremely triggering.

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7 Responses to Five Year-Old Girls Are Hell’s Angel’s Sex Property ~Lena Dunham

  1. shanakd9 says:

    I want you to find Gregg Tyler Milligan on facebook. He has written a book called a Beautiful World and Landscapes of the Heart. He supports Rainn and is totally against sexual abuse. He probably is unaware of this. I will also contact him. He gives money to them, proceeds to victims and survivors and I doubt seriously that he would see the good in Lena Dunham.

    • I have found over the years that RAINN is more of a profit oriented organization and does not care about victims or survivors. Like, Alethea my correspondence and pro-bono offers in support of abuse awareness and prevention has gone completely unnoticed by RAINN; which is why I no longer associate myself with this organization and have removed them from my FB ‘Likes’ … I am sure RAINN will not even care nor notice. In addition, their support of celebrities has been a core goal of RAINN since I first became a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau 5 years ago. It would appear that no matter what atrocity you commit, as long as you are a celebrity, RAINN will look the other way.

      • Alethea says:

        Dear Gregg,

        What a sad thing for me to come to realize. It really is disturbing that RAINN can get away with being one the biggest, or most known organizations, that are supposed to help rape and incest victims, and yet, be so indifferent to this Lena Dunham situation, and to incest survivors who have written them.

        I am grateful that you posted my letter on your Facebook Page though. Thank you SO MUCH. I do have a link on my Blog to your website.

  2. Alethea says:

    I just noticed that 22 people shared this on Facebook. I am feeling grateful, and encouraged.

      • Alethea says:

        Gregg, when I first saw you on Oprah, I was still so unhealed with regards to my mother’s sexual abuse of me. I was crying and so angry that day –crying over women getting away with sex crimes, merely because they are women. I have come a very long way in my healing since then, but you have always been on my mind, and in my heart. I have never forgotten your strength, courage, and willingness to go beyond yourself to help other victims of mothers who sexually abuse, and to help stop the denial that perpetuates society about this very real, and probably more common than we think, crime against nature.

        Thank you.

  3. Julie says:

    Keep up the good work. Never give up hope and strength will come. Xx

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