RAINN: Continuing Their Support Of Admitted Child Molester

Yesterday I received an email response from Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

My letters to them can be read by clicking here and here.

As suspected, RAINN’s response did not include any kind of apology for openly supporting Lena Dunham, an admitted child molester, or for publicly encouraging a woman who falsely accused a man of rape –even to the point of her book publisher altering their books in order to avoid a lawsuit by the man Lena Dunham had consensual sex with.

Dunham SixAs I anticipated, RAINN did not acknowledge their grave error in publicly supporting a woman who described, in disgusting detail, how she molested her sister -seven years her junior, when the child was ages one through ten.

Nor did RAINN apologize for praising a woman who joked about committing acts of a “child sex predator,” and who told Rolling Stone Magazine that she used to force her -then five year old- sister to “make-out” with her, and a woman who posted highly distributing photos of the five year-old on the Internet.

Instead, RAINN’s response to me included an apology for their delay in responding, and a dry, generic reference to being “sorry” for “what I experienced as a child,” as well as a statement about RAINN’s future plans to revamp RAINN.org to “better serve” incest and rape survivors.

After my two letters to RAINN, each over two pages long, and each letter providing detailed accounts of what Lena Dunham has done and said, and after including the disturbing photos Ms. Dunham posted online of her little sister…. RAINN’s one-sentence response to me about Lena Dunham was this:

“To address the concern in your letter, we have not worked with Lena Dunham [in] the past — she is not affiliated with the organization. “

This statement does not answer my concern that RAINN’s support of Lena Dunham was due to the possibility of financial donations presented to RAINN from Ms. Dunham.

In addition, RAINN’s reply about Lena Dunham, completely ignores every concern I had in my letters to RAINN. It totally disregards every one of the vital issues, clearly addressed in my letters.

Lena_Dunham NineIt remains uncertain if RAINN receives financial donations from Ms. Dunham, but this virtual brush off, does not, and will never excuse, their organization’s public praising of a female child sexual molester.

RAINN’s response minimizes Child-On-Child sexual abuse, and devalues victims of sibling incest.

RAINN has no idea what kind of pain and anger, and re-traumatizing has occurred in countless victims of child sexual abuse by Dunham’s book.

RAINN’s support of Ms. Dunham’s book, “Not That Kind of Girl” is supporting a book which normalizes sibling incest, laughs at child molestation, and puts children at risk.

Does RAINN refuse to see its error, and refuse to acknowledge their mistake because Lena Dunham is a woman?

Let me be clear RAINN, I would rather be raped by a man, than sexually abused by a female…and BOTH happened to me as a child.

Sexual abuse, perpetrated by a female, can have serious, life-altering effects on the victim, especially a female victim –effects that are often more serious than when a man sexually abuses a child.

I am completely blown away that an organization which considers itself a refuge for rape and incest survivors, would aggrandize a woman who scoffs at victims of child sexual abuse, and who feels child molestation is normal and acceptable behavior.

Dunham Seven If RAINN does not retract their public approval of Ms. Dunham, they in fact continue to support her and thus, Ms. Dunham’s sexual deviation towards children.

In case RAINN has forgotten what their public support of Ms. Dunham and her book looks like, here it is:

Any removal of these posts on RAINN’s Facebook Page, or their Twitter account, will not be sufficient, and will merely symbolize the covering up of their support of her -not the retraction of it.

The only action which can undo the damage done by RAINN, is for a member of the organization to issue a public retraction of their original support of Ms. Dunham and her book, Not That Kind of Girl.

“Survivors everywhere are grateful [to Lena Dunham]” ~RAINN

No, survivors everywhere are NOT grateful. Untold numbers of us are angry, disturbed, re-triggered, and flabbergasted by a child molester being uplifted as a role model.

The reason I have posted this response on my Blog is because I want RAINN to be aware that their lack of good judgement will affect them. This post, and my letters to RAINN, will not be removed from this Blog, until RAINN issues a public retraction of their support, and glorification, of Lena Dunham.

I have zero faith in RAINN as an organization which purports to care about rape and incest survivors, or which knows how to handle cases of incest –especially Child-On-Child incest, perpetrated by an older female sibling.

Dunham DisturbingA copy of this response will be mailed via the United States Postal Service to RAINN, and to anyone else I feel should know about RAINN’s approval of a child molester.

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  1. shanakd9 says:

    You letter to RAINN is perfect and reflects what all survivor’s feel. She Lena Dunham makes me literally sick. Not only does she brag about molesting her little sister, but she is making it normal to the public and is supported by RAINN and Random House and it looks like Rolling Stones magazine too.

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