“Transgenderism” Should Not Be Celebrated, Promoted, Or Normalized

20/20’s interview with former Olympic athlete, Bruce Jenner, is probably going to be shown on national television very soon, so I thought it would be timely to re-publish an old article about Chaz Bono.

The minds, lives, and souls of children are being assaulted every day by media, magazines, the entertainment industry, and organizations with agendas to turn youth into gays or lesbians, or worse –to make them think that self-mutilation of their sex organs will bring them inner peace.

(re-published from 2011, with amendment below)

–In 2011, when the preview came on for the show “Dancing With the Stars.” I was pretty shocked to see Chaz Bono, the daughter of the star singing duo Sonny and Cher, being introduced as one of the contestants.

As most of you know, Chaz used to be “Chastity” Bono, the beautiful little blond girl who was often photographed with her famous parents.

Chastity has changed her name to “Chaz” and taken the identity of a man in the form of what is called “gender reassignment.”

Human beings cannot change their gender.

I wasn’t surprised when Dancing With the Stars announced Chaz as “he,” because Hollywood and much of society cater to lies, but I was taken back by the absolutely shocking difference between Chaz Bono and the other contestants. It was such a strange image. Even Chaz looked completely uncomfortable.

Chaz Bono, on the right, looks like a monster -a deformity- but society suffers from the "Emperor Has Clothes On" disease.

Chaz Bono, on the right, looks like a distorted human being

Chaz will never be a man. She is a female trapped by her own mind. Taking Testosterone does not make you into a man. Having a mastectomy does not make you into a man.

The only reason that I (originally) wrote this post is because I heard that Chaz is working with children. This is NOT OKAY. Chaz Bono is not a person at peace, and will never be at peace with herself unless she digs deeply into why she decided that she should be a man, and she needs to heal that problem.

Chaz’s disturbed idea of ‘gender identity issues’ is nothing more than a child, teenager, or adult having subconscious needs, or attachment difficulties –usually due to societal and parental influences –all of which can easily be corrected within THE MIND of the child, teen or adult with the aid of a professional who helps them penetrate their subconscious mind in order to find, and heal, the root cause of their ‘gender confusion.’ –heal it with the mind, not with hormonal drugs or a surgical knife.

The Making of “Chaz”

The End of Innocence is the name of Chastity (Chaz) Bono’s book, in which she describes her ‘transition’ from a female into a “male.”

The end of innocence alright.

The end began when her parents, the famous singing duo, “Sonny and Cher” left Chastity alone as a very young child, for long periods of time while they were touring –left her alone with a nanny named Linda.

Linda nurtured the abandoned, attention and love- starved Chastity

The nanny provided the “warmth and attention” Chastity so desperately needed as a child.

The female Linda, was the physical and emotional replacement for the child’s female AND MALE parental energies –absent from her life.

Linda gave Chastity, love and a feeling of safety, which Chastity admitted herself in her book that Sonny and Cher were unable to provide.

Linda then became a security blanket for Chastity when, at age four, her parents divorced.

Not long afterwards, Chastity began to “feel and dress like a boy,” and when Chastity was with her father after the divorce, Sonny treated her like a boy and called her “Fred” –which was most likely out of his desire to have had Chastity been born a boy, and not a girl. Sonny even encouraged his daughter to hang out with him like “father-and-son.”

‘Coincidentally,’ Linda ALSO used to call Chastity “Fred” when she cared for the girl as a small child, but Chastity did not remember this until, later in life, when her aunt told her this.

It is no wonder Chastity Bono became confused in her mind about her sexual identity. She was nurtured, and “cuddled,” by a female who was not her mother, and gained her father’s attention by being ‘a boy’ named “Fred”

In addition, Chastity writes in her memoir that, when she was eleven years old, she was sexually seduced by “Joan,” a lesbian friend of Cher’s who later became Chastity’s lesbian lover.

Chastity writes:

“My mom wasn’t always around, since she was working, so Joan sort of filled in that gap … I just focused on the fact that I wasn’t getting enough attention, and I often felt lonely or abandoned. When I spent time with Joan, I felt like the center of attention…”

Chastity wrote in her memoir, that when she became an adult, and told Cher that she had formed a lesbian relationship with Joan –the same lesbian nanny who had sexually molested Chastity when she was eleven– Cher’s response was, “this will be a good life experience for you.” 

After several years of thinking she was a boy, and a lesbian, Chastity was further psychologically influenced with a need to identify with a sense of herself -separate from her parents- and through years of bad relationships, drug addiction, depression, and having “therapy” with lesbian and transgendered therapists.

Thus, Chastity, became “Chaz.”

I find it incredibly sad that Chastity never explored the fact that her early childhood experiences were the direct link to her desire to have horrific self-mutilating surgeries, and to deform her female form by taking dangerous hormonal drugs.

All Chastity had to do was to heal her pain from the familial dysfunction, the sexual molestation by the nanny Joan, the confusion over being accepted by her father as a ‘boy,’ and to heal her sexual confusion in her body by being intimately touched by women as a child.

Instead, Chastity is now “Chaz” and trying to influence children, teens, and adults, to become a disfigured, mutilated person who will never be at peace within themselves.

Chaz is now just a distorted-looking woman, not a man, who has deep and very serious issues, that she is not facing in herself.

When she was on “Dancing With the Stars,” she told Rolling Stone magazine that “within a short while she will finally be able to afford to get herself a penis.”

Two years later, Chaz was quoted as saying that she is tired of questions about “transgendered people” having a penis or a vagina, but if Ms. Bono does indeed have a “penis” after some kind of morbid surgical procedure, then she is more sick than I originally thought. Our questions are valid:

One might wonder where this penis comes from? A dead person? Another human being? Or are they all fully prosthetic?

"Chaz" Bono

“Chaz” Bono

There have been reports that Shiloh, the four-year-old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, likes to dress like a tomboy. Chaz Bono is quoted as saying, “I would love to talk to [Brad and Angelina] at some point, to at least let them know we have this resource for them if they ever need it.”

Leave Shiloh alone! Leave all children alone. Shiloh might very well just like to dress like a Tomboy. Many little girls do. It doesn’t mean they have a gender identity problem.

Chaz Bono needs to stay away from children.

April 2015 –Chaz Bono is indeed attempting to influence children with her sickness.

From her website (which I will not promote here with a link), with the heading, “Transforming Family.”

“A Los Angeles based family support group creating a positive environment for children, adolescents and their families to explore issues of gender identity.

Our mission is to empower children and families to create supportive and inclusive environments in which gender may be freely expressed and respected. Our vision is to create a society in which ALL children are respected and celebrated.”

Translation: “A Los Angeles based family support group creating a disturbed environment for children, adolescents and their families, in order to influence, encourage, and pollute their minds if they happen to express some kind of confusion, or “sexual identity” issues (which a child CANNOT HAVE)

‘Our mission is to encourage children, adolescents, and other youth even further, and harming them by thinking that taking dangerous hormonal and deforming drugs, and to allow a surgeon to help them self-mutilate their sex organs will bring them happiness This is all being done with the help of psychologically ill people, who use the media, the entertainment industry, and people like Lena Dunham, and feminism to tell the child or teenager that they are perfectly normal and should be allowed to freely express their deviancy from nature –that is, without being criticized or condemned by anyone who is aware and awake enough to see the monsters being created.’

Woman on the left looks healthy and radiates inner beauty. Woman on the right is psychologically disturbed and

Chastity Bono, on the left looks healthy and radiates inner beauty. Chaz on the right is obviously psychologically disturbed inside herself.

People who want to undergo a “transgender” procedure need deep psychoanalysis that penetrates the subconscious mind. They are confused inside and they need to get to the root of that confusion and change it in a healthy, pure, and natural way.

People do not need to mutilate their body or take hormonal drugs. This is creating monsters; not healthy, well-balanced joyful human beings.

Society looks upon people like Chaz Bono in the same way as the story of the naked emperor, walking through town where all the citizens proclaim “what wonderful clothes the emperor has on!”

The fact that many people in society accept Chaz Bono as normal, and call her a man, and uplift her as some kind of a hero or a “star” is dangerous for children.

If you are having sexual identity issues, please contact Dr. De Saint Simone, through me, by emailing me at sanjuanangel7@yahoo.com

Dr. De Saint Simone completely changed the life of a former “lesbian”, named Grace, who found my Blog when she was struggling with severe problems because she thought she was “lesbian.”

Dr. De Saint Simone can help anyone who wants to free themselves from gender dysfunction. She does this without dangerous drugs, and without surgery.


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6 Responses to “Transgenderism” Should Not Be Celebrated, Promoted, Or Normalized

  1. Alethea says:

    Update 4-23-2015. I have deleted the 60 comments that were attached to this article because most of them were about five years old. I have kept a few comments posted by me because they explain more about my position on this matter. Feel free to begin a new thread of discussion.

  2. Alethea says:

    There is a difference between judging and being judgmental. We were all given the ability to discern. We must all use it, or the world would be in chaos. Actually, it is more in chaos than ever before. Maybe that is because society does not judge as it should. Casey Anthony was let go by those idiots because they ‘didn’t want to judge her.’ In the 50’s, she would have been condemned for the murder of her daughter. Human beings had very different morals and ethics back then.

    We now have a world where there are gay bathhouses and gay bars. There are gay rest stops and reality shows where gays and lesbians make out on camera for little children to see, and don’t let me forget the books like “My Two Mommies.”

    We live in a world where I am in the wrong if I protest against a law that allows a man dressed as a woman to pee in the stall next to me. I live in a world where I am wrong to condemn a woman, who is psychologically screwed up, and who has mutilated her body, to be a role model and star (Dancing with the Stars) to children.

  3. Alethea says:

    To those who have criticized me, judged me, removed themselves from my Blog subscription, and who called me a “hater.”

    Let me make myself clear. I don’t have any idea what kind of pain transsexuals, transgenders, and seriously sexually confused people are in. I can only imagine that it is a horrible place to be and life must be very difficult.

    However, my first and foremost desire with my post was to voice myself about protecting children. The health and well-being of children comes long before the emotional feelings of those who struggle with their sexual identity.

    One might say I am harsh or don’t care about the suffering of people like Chaz and Heather. I do care. However, that is not my mission in life. That suffering is not my drive, or my desire to understand in depth. My time is directed at other kinds of suffering.

    But I don’t like being blamed for hate crimes, or murder. I don’t like being told I hate others. The word “hate” for any human is not in my vocabulary. If I were to allow myself to feel the emotion of hatred, it would be towards my parents, or Casey Anthony. But I have worked on myself long enough to not feel hatred for others.

    Heather and others need to understand where some of my anger comes from (anger is not the same as hatred). I was sexually abused by a sexually confused woman in my family. Therefore, I have experienced some pretty life-altering trauma. Shana and Little Nel were also sexually assaulted by women as children. So you can understand where our position (in part) comes from.

    Do not be so quick to judge those who are angered by homosexuality, or transgenderism being an influence in the mind of children. You never know what a person has been through in their lives. You might call it “intolerant” but I call it “having experienced hell on earth,” and knowing that I would not want someone who is sexually confused to be near my children (if I had any).

    Both of my parents threatened me with death if I disclosed family secrets, stood against the lies and dared to speak about what makes my family uncomfortable.

    When I spoke out about being sexually abused by my father, my punishment was that some of my family criticized me, judged me, called me horrible names, and ostracized me for being strong enough to speak my truth.

    When I first posted my feelings about Chaz Bono, I went through a few fear-based physical symptoms because I was daring to speak about things that would make others angry, or that might draw criticism and punishment.

    As the days progressed, I dealt with my fear and challenged those who want to push uncomfortable truths under the rug. By expressing myself about Chaz Bono’s influence on children, I symbolically stood up to the death threats by my parents, and to being cut off by my sisters. I did what I needed to do, even in the face of those who wish to cut me down for speaking my mind about injustice and lies.

    All of the labels and criticism by those hypocrites who accuse me of being judgmental, has made me stronger and more powerful in my healing journey. So thank you to those who criticized me. Thank you for helping me to be true to myself.

  4. Alethea says:

    What people label as “ignorance” and “closed-minded” is actually my truth, and the truth of many people. It is also a high truth. I see the gays, lesbians, and trans people as ignorant and “closed-minded” –closed-minded because they refuse to see life as anything but their way. They refuse high-truths and spiritual awareness. That’s their right, but higher truths exist, whether they accept them or not.

    The opinions of gays and lesbians, and the media, and those who push “transgenderism” and all of their opinions are no better, or more evolutionarily advanced, than me and mine.

    I find the gay community and the “trans” community to often be hypocrites, who profess the ability to speak openly about their beliefs, but I am not allowed to speak mine.

  5. Alethea says:

    People have no idea what causes them to identify with the opposite sex until they penetrate their own mind at the subconscious level.

    Just an example: I know of a case where a man thought he was gay and he had therapy to explore those feelings about men. When he penetrated his subconscious memory, he recalled that when he was a boy, he would try and sneak a peak at his father when he was naked in the bathroom. He was merely a curious little boy, but his father would then slam the door on him. The boy took this as “something forbidden” in his mind. As an adult he then transferred naked men into something intriguing because it was “forbidden.” After he remembered those times when his father slammed the door on him as a child, he dealt with it at the subconscious level and then became completely straight, without any more sexual thoughts of men.

    If, in today’s world, that man had spoken about his feelings to friends or had gone to a mainstream therapist, who does not work with the subconscious, he probably would have been told to explore his feelings for men and to be gay. This would have always caused that man extreme unhappiness and turmoil.

    Another example: Frank Fitzpatrick used to think he might be gay, but he had NO conscious idea WHY he thought that. When he finally remembered being sexually abused as a child by a priest, he understood where those feelings came from and healed them as he healed from the abuse. This was a famous case, and Father Porter confessed.


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