Bruce Jenner: Won’t be Charged With Manslaughter, But He is Going To Slaughter His Masculinity

This is part three, in a three-part posting of articles having to do with ‘transgenderism.’ The reason I am posting these articles is the shocking nature of the stories –especially Bruce Jenner’s story– and because of the influence he, and others, can have on the minds of innocent children.

–Bruce Jenner, former Gold Medal winner in the decathlon in the 1976 Summer Olympics, was once an archetype of masculinity.

bruce_jenner_custodyJenner adorned the cover of a box of Wheaties Cereal and was featured on the cover of Playgirl.

Today, Bruce Jenner wants to ‘become a woman,’ and faced manslaughter charges in the death of 69 year-old Kim Howe, who was traveling along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu California on February 7th of this year when Jenner slammed into the back of her vehicle. Ms. Howe was pushed into on-coming traffic, struck by a large SUV, and killed.

spl943664-001A mass-transit bus captured the crash on video, and the evidence shows that Jenner was not in control of his vehicle, and was either traveling too closely behind Ms. Howe, or was distracted. Jenner was caught on camera twice, days after the accident, once talking on his cell phone while driving (illegal in California), and once speeding on the very same highway in which Kim Howe was killed.

Jenner probably should have faced manslaughter charges, but I do hope the victims family considers filing a lawsuit for wrongful death.

Jenner’s fatal car accident took place in the wake of reports that he has recently had facial reconstructive surgery to look more feminine, and that he has been growing breasts, and dressing like a woman.

Jenner also taped an interview with 20/20‘s Diane Sawyer, which is set to air Friday, April 24th 2015.

The interview will allegedly disclose his decision to take hormonal drugs, and have some kind of ‘transgender surgery,’ to “become a woman,” –most likely involving the self-mutilation of his sex organs.

If true, the interview will most likely glorify, normalize, or even encourage transgenderism, and will be part of the on-going mass movement to symbolically slaughter the role of men and their masculinity.

No matter what the media, or feminists, or Lena Dunham, or Hollywood, or the ‘socially correct’ crowd tells society…no human being can “change their sex.”


Bruce Jenner is a man, and will always be a man. He was born with male chromosomes, and no amount of self-mutilation by having surgery procedures done on his sex organs, will change that fact.

Self-mutilation via surgery, hormonal and other dangerous prescription drugs -in order to identify with the opposite sex (or to lie to one’s self with transgenderism)- are all merely a cover-up for deep psychological neurosis, or emotional pain and trauma, and it is often not consciously remembered by the person.


It is horrific that Jenner, the producers of 20/20, and Diane Sawyer want to promote this monstrous act he is planning –promote it as a natural, normal thing that children ought to also do one day if they happen to be sexually confused inside themselves –confused for psychological reasons that have been deeply embedded into the subconscious mind of the person, or child.

Bruce Jenner needs to face his neurosis, any past trauma, or any kind of emotional need that has made him identify with the opposite sex.

Just like Chaz Bono, Bruce Jenner is no role model for children. He needs to be kept away from children’s minds. Jenner is NOT a woman -in his head, or otherwise. He is a man who needs serious psychotherapy to find the root cause of why, as a child, he felt feminine, or related to the women in his childhood. He may have even been sexually abused by someone as a young boy.

Bruce Jenner’s psychological state, might also very well be the direct cause of the death of the woman he rear-ended in the car crash.

Jenner says he “felt like a woman” since he was age five.

Children at that age have no rational understanding of sex, so his childhood feelings could very well be rooted in some kind of need for attention, which he might have seen his two sisters receiving more of –or possibly Jenner saw that the women in his family could do things he could not; like with their hair and clothing. It is possible that, as a child, he wanted the ability to act and look female.

These kind of childhood experiences are not synonymous with the need to cut off your genitals, and grow breasts.

enhanced-19217-1421277830-24Maybe his father paid more attention to his sisters –and he craved his father’s attention? Who knows? Parents, siblings, and other relatives, can have very powerful influences on children, and those experiences and feelings embed themselves into the subconscious mind of the child, and remain there as an adult.

Bruce Jenner was once an attractive man, and a strong male athlete when he was young, so any need for attention, and self-aggrandizement would have been fulfilled during his career as a young, famous athlete.

But what happens to a person, who has an attention-deficit neurosis when they begin to age so much that they can no longer attract sexual, or athletic, attention to themselves?

–Especially notable is Jenner’s role in the television reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians which I have never seen, but my guess is that Bruce is downplayed and minimized by the young, attractive women on the show.

What better way for his subconscious mind to gain that needed attention, and to fulfill an emotional need to be a woman, than to go through hormonal and surgical changes, and to announce on National television, that you are going to “change your sex?”

Interestingly, after Jenner’s world-wide success at the Olympics, his little brother was killed in a car crash. It is highly possible that the attention Jenner received for being an Olympic Gold Medal winner, was taken away from him -within his family dynamics- when his little brother was tragically killed.

Evidence of Jenner’s ego-driven mind can be found at his future website, where he calls himself, “the world’s greatest athlete.”

I fear that his future website was meant to promote transgenderism and to influence the minds of children who would have looked up to him as a role model. If so, the car crash put that on hold.

Modern-day neuroscientists are discovering the power of the subconscious and how much it drives, and can control our lives. The subconscious mind drives most of our actions and decisions. An unhealed subconscious mind can cause illness and disease, and serious psychological disorders, and can even cause a person to have a car accident.

Jenner’s soul is tortured. He needs to find the root cause -in his subconscious mind. The car crash may have been his soul’s warning flag that he is NOT at peace, and in great turmoil inside himself and possibly was even a cry for help, for him to stop this insane idea of ‘becoming a woman’ through self-mutilation and to stop it in any way he can…even by subconsciously getting into a major car crash. The subconscious mind is the soul.

But most people are not willing to truly look into the darkness of their own soul, and most do not have the courage to face that darkness, and then to heal it in a true, dynamic, and natural way. This is because it takes hard work, time, and a willingness to face one’s deepest secrets and most devastating emotional pain.

Cutting up one’s body, and taking drugs are easier, faster, and they cater to the disturbing world we live in –a world where the false idea that our bodies, desires, emotions, and elemental nature are ‘who we truly are.’

This false belief has been instilled into the minds of Americans through people like Lady Gaga, Madonna, the mainstream media, feminism, the gay and lesbian movement, Hollywood, and by entertainment and fashion magazines.

Even your own tax dollars are contributing to the promotion of transgenderism, gay and lesbianism, abortion, and sexual promiscuity for children in organizations funded with U.S. Government Grants that directly target the youth.

bruce-jenner-hair-browny-locksNo one can say what the root cause of Jenner’s issue is, but Bruce Jenner’s soul knows, and the only way to penetrate the soul is by delving into the subconscious mind.

Every human being has the potential to go within and become self-aware, and heal themselves, and every person has the ability within themselves to become powerful human beings –but with their inner God-given power– not with drugs and surgery, or debauchery and self-indulgences.

Bruce Jenner is just one more tortured soul, who is told by certain groups with a monstrous agenda, and told by the mainstream media and by dangerous psychologists…. and by the entertainment industry and mainstream media, that he should commit public mutilation instead of going within his own subconscious mind and finding out why he is driven to destroy his life by slaughtering his own masculinity.

Bruce Jenner’s subconscious impulses, unhealed emotional traumas, and sexual confusion quite possibly were responsible for the car crash, and the death of the woman in Malibu.

True transformation cannot be done with knives and hormonal drugs, or with painted nails, or women’s clothing.

True transformation comes from within.

If Jenner decides to go ahead with these drugs and surgeries, he will no longer be human, but a monster.

When a person uses mind/body altering drugs and body deforming -self-mutilating- surgeries in a futile attempt to “change genders” they become sub-human.

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  1. Alethea says:

    Update 4-23-2015: I deleted the numerous comments on this article because I think it is time to start fresh. The 20/20 Interview with Jenner is set to air tomorrow night on ABC. But I will say that FOX News is reporting that Jenner is “still attracted to women and plans to be a lesbian once he completes his transition” explains an insider. “He’s not sure if the hormone treatments will change how he feels about men, but right now he says that he still likes women and can’t imagine himself being attracted to men.”

    A man who is self-mutilating his body in order to become a lesbian, is indicative of a man with highly disturbing psychosis, and his killing a woman in a car crash indicates that he has dangerous subconscious impulses.

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