Collective Push To Transform Our Consciousness and Face Our Own Selves?

What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
It is the little shadow which runs across
the grass and loses itself in the sunset. –Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior

Allow me, for a moment to preface by saying that I wrote this article because I do not want anyone to feel alone or as if “God is punishing me,” or “why me?” I did not write this article for any other reason than to help others, as I too have been helped by being given certain knowledge.

I should have written this article two or three months ago, as these events, and personal and collective changes have already begun.


Depending upon your personal belief system, you can call what is happening, ‘the great awakening,’ “electromagnetic fields affecting the universe/planets/people,” ‘times of great testing,’ or “astrological influences.”

Regardless of your feelings on how, or whether, the planetary alignments can affect humanity…on December 21st, 2012, the earth went though a profound astronomical alignment.

Some people felt the changes would be galactic, or horrific, and would happen in an instant because the ancient Mayan calendar had stopped on that date.

Personally, I never felt it would be the “end of the world” but I did expect to witness and experience changes in nature, and in the collective life of humanity.

Many things have happened to me personally since that date. The past three years have been the most challenging soul work of my adult life. I have also paid close attention to friends and news articles, so I am aware that I am not alone. Most everyone I know has been facing serious challenges since December 2012, with an increase in the past three months.

Not everything that has happened since that date is all bad, and depending on whether or not you consider suffering, hard lessons, or pain, as ‘good or bad’ –many of these changes are very good for the human soul.

The spiritual lessons I have learned have been profound, life-altering, and liberating.

A few months ago, things grew increasingly “worse” for many people –which we can consider as ‘harder, but more transformative,’ lessons.

A few months ago, the planetary system moved into positions which have, or will, force us to either choose self, or love –to choose to either grow spiritually, or remain stuck in our old, dysfunctional ways. Basically, human beings are being forced to evolve.

There has been an increase in sudden changes, traumas, and shocking events.
In my opinion, we are all being tested, or forced to face our own soul –or both.

Not only are we asked by our Divine Source to alter our state of consciousness to a higher level, but we are also asked to make the correct choice –to choose love, and not self– sometimes to the point of exhaustion. But no matter how long it takes, or how much effort we have to make, we must always choose the right path, or we will suffer the consequences.

There are always consequences when we deviate from the law.

No one can escape Universal Law, and it doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, undecided, Catholic, “New Age,” or Muslim. The law of the Universe, which is cause and effect, plays no favorites.

Below is a list of how things have been going for many people in the year 2015. Many of these issues are directly related to child sexual abuse, unresolved childhood pain, physical suffering, illness, disease, emotional conflict, careers, drug and alcohol addiction, gender identity, marriage, familial conflict, sudden divorce or partners ‘being done’ with the relationship unexpectedly –as well as spiritual transformation:

• There could be major, cataclysmic events, and or, personal life-changing events that will force some people to change their consciousness, find a Higher Power, face their childhood, or all of this.
• There will be more blaming of others, more defensiveness, more selfishness, the human ego doing what it wants without regard for others, or for the consequences. This will mean more isolation, more suicides, more mass killings, and unfortunately- more mental illness.
• Many people will be experiencing –and already have been experiencing- repressed childhood traumatic memories rearing their head, and if people don’t face their past, they will be forced to.
• There could also be more war, and an increase in religious-related attacks.

As I mentioned earlier, there will be repressed memories (these are memories of trauma, abuse, abandonment, or sexual abuse blocked out from the conscious mind) coming up in people who thought they were done with dealing with their past, and in other people who previously had no idea that they were sexually or physically abused, or traumatized in childhood.

Many people are already experiencing the past rearing its ugly head in the form of panic attacks, PTSD symptoms, depression, hearing the past in television programs (sound and audio memory is very strong), or seeing images or flashes that are a trigger from past traumatic or emotionally devastating events. Some people are having difficulty staying grounded and present in their daily lives.

This means:

  • Depression could become worse.
  • Anger, fear, and conflict, are more easily triggered with current events, or in relationships –especially marriages.
  • Memories, thoughts, or ideas could be popping up in a disjointed fashion, making it hard for some individuals to distinguish between the past, present, and future.
    This will cause some individuals to repetitiously create trauma, conflict, and problems in their lives. These repetitive, and sometimes harmful, actions can be motivated by repressed trauma and subconscious impulses (these are impulses driven by the subconscious mind, that the conscious self has no control over. They are usually caused by unhealed emotional pain from childhood).
  • What does all of this mean for human beings collectively and individually?
    There could be a great amount of volatility as people search for justice, truth, healing, and self-identity.
  • There could be major problems with fear, as people begin to feel trapped, impotent, or lack self-sufficiency.
  • There will probably be more self-isolation, “my way or the highway” attitude and more wounding of others, alienation from friends or groups; or groups and friendships will be re-defined.
  • There will most likely be rebellion against authority and familial conflict –especially between a wounded soul, and their parents and siblings.
  • For some, there will be a tug-o-war between inner changes and security.

For some people –especially those under the astrological sign of Aquarius—they will take what is happening to them personally, as well as what is happening in collective society, and they will do one of three things:

• Become rebels, leaders, avant-garde.
• Stay stuck in a people-pleasing, fearful place –too afraid to be different or go against the grain
• Become extremists and possibly harm others

The good news about this most extraordinary time to be alive, is that we all have an opportunity to evolve, fight against injustice, become more enlightened, start projects that are geared towards altruism –and not just our personal desires.

This period of history presents us with a chance to go within, reflect, strive for self-realization, re-define our desires to align with our Higher Power –to listen to our intuitive nature and do a life review.

This time in history provides a blueprint, which has been laid out for all humans –and for those who wish to use it, it is a blueprint to liberate the mind from unhealthy concepts, rigid thinking, and ego-identification.

There are a number of basic ways to help our evolutionary transition, past traumas, and self-awareness to go more smoothly:

• People will need to seek equal ground in their personal relationships. We must all step back and examine our role in any conflict –past or present.
• Practice patience
• Practice gratitude
• Implement new levels of fairness
• People will either have to find a way to make peace with their past, or heal it in a true and dynamic way.
• Be careful of playing victim or trying to victimize others.
• Let go of selfishness.
• We humans need to take an honest look at ourselves, and our childhood. Humans have to be willing to face their own darkness –to examine any childhood wounds and to heal those wounds in a true and dynamic way.
• Break free of the concept of ‘people-pleasing.’ Love does not cater to the ego of others. On the contrary, Love speaks the truth to their soul.
• Lots and lots of surrender to what we cannot currently change, and acceptance of what we are impotent about.
• A strong will to heal resentment and anger –both of which can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

These are ways that can make life flow easier for humanity, children, and animals. However, it can just as easily turn ugly and worse for our planet if people continue down the current path of self-oriented thinking and behaviors, and the avoidance of their own soul, which will cause a lot of pain, illness, and disease— for themselves as well as for others.

How do people avoid facing their own soul?

I will tell you, in part two. Click here: How Do People Avoid Facing Their Own Soul?


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  1. CC says:

    “Love does not cater to the ego of others. On the contrary, Love speaks the truth to their soul.” This is SO true and so comforting to hear! I related so much to every single thing you said here. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Loved this post. Thank you, Alethea!

  3. Little Nel says:

    “A strong will to heal resentment and anger-both of which can cause cancer and other serious diseases”

    I have seen this idea work miracles in the lives of myself and others. The healing that takes place is proof of this.

    “Resentment is the poison that we swallow and expect another person to die from it”.

  4. susashushan says:

    Wow… spot on as usual. Great post.

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