How Do People Avoid Facing Their Own Soul?

Part Two.

Part One can be read by clicking here: Collective Push To Transform Our Consciousness and Face Our Childhood?

People avoid suffering, and their soul, through self-medication with drugs and alcohol, affairs, anti-depressants, denial, medical and recreational marijuana, and by trying to lie to themselves with “positive-thinking.”

What do I mean by lying to their own soul? Soul means “psyche.” The subconscious mind is the soul.We cannot lie to our own soul, becasue it knows the truth. The soul knows everything, and does not like to be bullshitted.

Popular belief systems like that of Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, are a system of beliefs where people try to avoid suffering and spiritual growth.

Both Tolle and Hay have some truth in their teaching, but both have far more detrimental ways of viewing life, that can create more suffering and can stop people from evolving.

Tolle has it right when he speaks about the ego controlling most of our lives, and that surrender is essential when a moment is out of our control, but Tolle has spoken a tremendous error when he referred to Jesus’ quote, “I Am The Truth, The Way and The Life.” …Tolle says, “WE are truth,” and says we can become “egoless.”

We humans are NOT truth. We are not Gods. We have the potential to become God-like, but Tolle’s own ego is talking, and he doesn’t even recognize it.

No one can kill the ego, because without the ego, we would not have free will.
The ego can be tamed, minimized, or somewhat controlled…but do not be fooled into believing it can be extinguished.


Love has many aspects

Love-ProjectBoth Eckart Tolle and Louise Hay have spoken some truth about the human mind and the ego, and about the beauty of nature and forgiveness; but neither one of them have shown people how to find Eternal Life, and both of them say we are Gods.

If we are Gods, then what a hell we have created here on earth for ourselves and for nature, children and animals?

If you think you are a God, or “Goddess,” then go out and move a mountain.

Tolle’s teachings also do not account for extreme physical suffering, and mental anguish –especially the kind that is caused by severe childhood sexual abuse, parental abandonment, serious disease and trauma.

Neither of the teachings of Tolle or Hay are working, because there is more depression, indifference, spiritual sickness, selfishness, physical illness and disease, stress, obesity, laziness, addiction, isolation, psychotropic drug use, and anger than I have seen in my lifetime.

Tolle’s answer to suffering has been to tell people to go walk in Nature. As much of a lover of Nature as I am, walking in Nature cannot heal or cure selfishness, ego-driven desires, diseases, or eating disorders. Nor can it cure any of the severe trauma-related physical and mental suffering in people who have had traumatic childhoods.

The countless illnesses attributed to child sexual abuse, as well as PTSD, chronic migraines, auto-immune diseases, shingles, panic attacks, flashbacks, neurological disorders, nightmares, and cancer cannot be fixed by taking a walk in nature.

“Perspective” also cannot heal those very serious problems.

There is a difference between ‘seeing things differently’ or ‘changing your attitude’ and gratitude –a difference between that and TRUE HEALING to the core level –healing to the point of total riddance of all physical suffering and psychological problems –healing to the point of total freedom and liberation from disease and illnesses, and from all psychological disorders and depression –as well as freedom from ego-driven behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.


“Positiveness” in it’s true connotation is “gratitude”

Using gratitude (being “positive”) can help a person crawl out of self-pity, or can help them see they have a lot to live for, or to be grateful for…but “positive affirmations,” “positive visualization” will NEVER heal a person in a true and dynamic way. It will never illuminate the soul, transform the soul, or liberate the body from physical disease –or the mind from mental suffering.


“Love” has many dimensions, and none of them have to do with selfishness. Louise Hay has her followers boosting their own ego through constant self-love, self-adoration, self-aggrandizement, and self-accomplishment.

Every human being has a selfish gene and an altruistic gene. These two genes are a part of our DNA.

It is up to each individual soul to choose which gene they want to identify with.

This is not a condemnation or a judgement. Every human soul is born with the selfish gene –which is the human ego. People might say, “oh no…not me, I am a ‘good’ person.” THAT itself, is the EGO talking.

“However much we may deplore something, it does not stop it from being true….let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do.”― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

No other species, except the human species, has been given free will to choose –to choose between feeding the selfish gene, or our Love Nature (Our Divinity).

One of Louise Hay’s ‘positive affirmations’ is, “I am perfect the way I am.” If every human being were “perfect” we would all be in Heaven –not in this imperfect realm of suffering and pain.

There is much beauty here on earth, and we all experience joy and goodness from time to time, but there is alos much darkness in this world -tremendous suffering.

We are here on earth, only for a blink of an eye, and this means that humanity must quickly crawl out of its self-absorption and change their soul –change their very way of being –not use positive affirmations to get what they want. Because if people are using their mind in order to only ‘get what they desire’ then this will backfire on them.

‘Positivity’ is lying to yourself.

Between the two of them, Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, have taught people how to love yourself, how to be selfish, visualize material possessions and what you want, and to “live in the now”  –living in the moment has spiritual truth, but people who have suffered traumatic childhoods cannot just “choose” to change their symptoms in one day, or rid themselves of their suffering by living in the moment. Being ‘in the now’ also does not give true peace when we are faced with death, harm, or fear (when our self-survival mechanism is challenged).

We humans must transform our consciousness –not just “change our thoughts.”

Humans must transform.

Mankind is suffering because it has deviated from the law –the law of life, the science of life –the law of Love that Moves the Universe.

Louise Hay had an affirmation recently that stated: “I work miracles in my life” GOD works miracles.

If you think you are a God, and manifest what you have in your life because of ‘positive affirmations’ or ‘positive-thinking’ then watch out, because the Supreme Manifester, The One Who Gives us all we have –even our very breath and life, can and will, take all that we have away from us in one second if God’s will is to do it for the spiritual growth of that person.

What we humans have been doing is not working.

Louise Hay and Eckart Tolle make millions of dollars a year telling others what they want to hear. Louise Hay’s affirmations and Eckart Tolle’s “live in the now” belittle serious psychological and physical suffering, and their belief system hinders the evolution of the soul.

If Hay and Tolle’s methods worked, then there would be less suicides, less disease, less pre-mature deaths, less cancer, less violence, less child abuse, less child pornography, less affairs, less divorce, less fear, less isolation, less animals suffering, less depression, and less drug and alcohol addiction.

If what Tolle and Hay promote were working, there would be less prescriptions for RX drugs -drugs that are killing people, maiming them, or creating people who lack empathy -WHO WANT TO KILL OTHERS- or who want to commit suicide. (Research has found that anti-depressants affect the empathy gene, making people have less empathy).

All of the above has increased in the past decade; not the other way around.

It is our choice to become dark or light. Humans have the potential to either become demons or angels, and no one knows which way one soul will go, or another soul will go… but one thing is for certain…time will run out. Every soul has been given a short amount of time on earth to transform themselves -to make choices for their soul, not for their Ego.

The time to transform and evolve is now, not after you get that next job, or when you meet the right guy, or after you return from your trip, or after your child is born, or when you think you will ‘have more time,’ or more money to worry about such things.

How do I know all of this? Who is Alethea to be telling us this?

I am no one in particular, but I have healed, with the mind, from a long list of diseases and illnesses that some of the best medical doctors at UCLA and Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles California, and $30,000 in medical bills, could not cure or treat.

How did I do this? Through the work of Dr. De Saint Simone, a pioneer in the field of Personal Alchemy –the Science of Self-Transformation, and a professional and highly experienced hypno-analyst. She teaches the transformative power of Love, and a raised consciousness, which gradually helps anyone who is willing to grow beyond his or her limits to uncover their True Identity – to an Unlimited Being, with Unlimited Potentials of Being, but she can also help to heal anyone of nearly any disease, illness, addiction, relationship problem, or psychological problem there is.


You can read what I have healed from by clicking here:

Further reading about the therapy and my illnesses and diseases can be read by clicking here. and here






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  1. Michael Mathews says:

    Yes i agree, your articles are certainly blessed the wisdom and Love of God.
    You are also helping Child abuse survivors to understand why many people, including health professionals are unwilling to be empathetic. In many cases survivors are actually teaching the teachers and are often the true “salt of the earth”!

  2. KevinF says:

    Excellent pair of articles, Alethea. Your website is one of the best resources on the internet for survivors of child sexual assault and abuse or anyone dealing with the issue. Many thanks and best wishes.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Kevin. I actually REALLY needed to hear that tonight. I have been focusing on my next step, and if I know my Blog is still doing good, then I will move forward to my next step. Stay tuned….

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