My Mother Let Him Rape Me — Then Stayed Married To My Dad

“My father raped me, and my mom didn’t leave. It took years to find the power to forgive” by

Click here for her full story.

Sharisse’s story has been experienced by millions of women, in countless countries around the world. Her situation is common, even in seemingly normal families –even in middle and upper class families where the parents are college educated, high-functioning, and appear to be a well-adjusted family to their neighbors and friends.

At least 44% of mothers do not protect their child when their spouse or boyfriend has raped, or is raping, the child.

In addition, the anger towards the mother is usually not addressed by the victim. It is often shoved under the rug, or repressed, and it is downplayed by a society that tells the victim (or adult survivor) that their mother “was a victim too,” or “she did the best she could.”

Most of the time, this is not the case. usually the mother willingly protects the rapist out of her love or loyalty to him, or religious beliefs, or to keep the paychecks coming in, or to not be shamed in front of the neighbors.

My “mother” protected my father for every reason above…but mostly because she resented me, was jealous of me father —as if I was ‘the other woman,’ and because she considered me as the sexual aggressor. This is a VERY common mother/daughter relationship in incest families.

Victims and adult survivors need to allow themselves to feel their anger towards their mothers, and to express it in a non-violent way. They need to be able to say they are angrier at their mother than their rapist. Society cannot silence women and children who are very angry at their mother -and justifiably so- because the women who protect child rapists are the ROOT cause of why child rape and incest continues. It is also the foundation of a tremendous amount of repressed anger that is often not dealt with by child sexual abuse survivors in the therapy setting.

Please see my series on mothers who don’t protect their child from a child molester, or child rapist, and how it can affect the child. This series of articles includes the case of a mother who offered her seven year-old daughter as a sexual present to her husband for his birthday. The mother soon began molesting her daughter along with her husband. Click here to read the four part series.


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6 Responses to My Mother Let Him Rape Me — Then Stayed Married To My Dad

  1. PDD says:

    Yep… Substitute “mother” for father, “father” for mother, sums it up.

    • Alethea says:

      PDD, I am SO sorry for your pain. You must feel alone, but many people have had your experience. You know about Gregg Milligan right?

  2. KevinF says:

    Excellent article, Alethea.
    The central role that mothers play in child sexual assault is not an issue that people want to be reminded of or to look at. Also, the output of the non-conservative media and academia is largely dominated by radical feminism and political correctness. Their ideology shorthand is some version of “Women GOOD, Men BAD”.
    Very few want to hear about mothers’/womens’ active and passive participation and compliance with the sexual assault of children. Mothers take part in abuse, they set up their sons and daughters with paedophile partners and authority figures and providers, they turn a blind eye to what’s going on and they’re very central and important to shutting the children up and keeping them available for abuse.
    My own mother was physically violent and quite happy to put her sons, especially, in any harm’s way. Any complaints were met with violence and “How dare you say such a thing or complain about … any adult”. Other women that I saw had similar attitudes.
    I know we’re constantly assaulted by all the “GOOD mother/woman” propaganda, but for our own good as men and women and also for the sake of thousands of children who are in danger every day, we need to move past it and look at the reality of what goes on.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Kevin. I have always wanted to focus on this issue in my work/book/speaking out. I have had a number of abusers, and different aspects of that abuse, and got sidetracked with so many different issues with that abuse (much of it I have never even spoken about on my Blog) that I keep forgetting how vital it is to get back to this issue.

      Regarding the ‘women good, men bad’ issue etc, that’s Zionism control over most all media/TV/films/government/education. Their main goal is to degenerate humanity through militaristic-feminism, gay and lesbianism, the deconstruction of masculinity, child abuse being normalized (Lena Dunham and Hollywood), and through the U.S. and Canadian education system. Do you read Henry Makow’s Blog/news website? It used to be called “Save the Males.” There are countless articles there that document what Zionism is doing to the minds of children, and how it is destroying femininity and masculinity.

      • KevinF says:

        Thanks Alethea. You’re exactly right. I do read Henry Makow’s website and also other websites by people who see and are willing to openly speak about what’s actually happening in a lot of areas. And your blog is one of these. Best wishes.

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