Time To Move On

I know I have been quiet for some time now. I know I said there would be more chapters “coming soon” in my memoirs, but the past few weeks have transformed me into a new chapter of my life.

I am turning the page on my past, and moving on to new things, new experiences, new projects, different goals, and to a place that no longer includes writing about my family, or exposing my pain and trials.

I have reached a place of total forgiveness and an objective understanding of my soul’s growth, and what the “human” experience is truly about.

I know I may disappoint some readers with my decision, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.

My Blog has helped countless people over the years, so I will keep it up and running. However, my posts and articles will now be geared towards news, events, research, the mind, trauma articles, posts on the mind/body connection, repressed memory, and child sexual abuse in general.

I will be deleting my memoirs from my Blog.

Love and Peace to all….






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6 Responses to Time To Move On

  1. PDD says:

    Thanks, Alethea

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know you must do what is right for you, but I wasn’t finished reading your Memoirs! I think you are a very talented writer. Serieve.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Althea,
    Thank you for all you have given to our kindred community. It is wonderful to hear that you are
    doing exactly what you need to do to take care of
    Your most authentic self. I am praying for you to be
    Profoundly blessed as you step forward into the glorious unknown- with God and the universe always showing you the other side of life and soul. Your hard won struggle has inspired me and I praise God for your release into profound beauty and fullness of joy.

  4. Julie says:

    Alethea I wish you all the bey best with your future, wherever it may lead you and which ever path. All paths are good, it’s just what you make them:)
    I totally understand why you have chosen to move on. Sometimes in life we need to write in hope it will help others to see they have choices. You have helped many over the years and now it’s your time.
    May all your wishes come true and Thankyou for sharing your life with us all.

    Truly you are an inspiration xxxxxx

  5. Marjorie A. Douty says:

    thank you for being there at the right time and place for me!

  6. KevinF says:

    Good to see you back, Alethea.
    It’s great that you reached a place of total forgiveness and an objective understanding in your life and you’re going forward.
    But please don’t delete your memoirs. They are brilliant.
    Right now there are thousands of men and women who are waking up daily to their own repressed experiences of sexual assault and abuse. Your memoirs would be an amazing support for them. A roadmap and also a road thru their trauma.
    I’ve posted things in the past to websites and blogs that are no longer true for me. But I won’t remove any of them because I can remember How positive and affirming It was (and still is) for me to read things that supported and reflected my denied, blocked and repressed sexual assault and physical abuse. Imagine if Marilyn van Derbur wanted to delete all copies of her memoirs.. That’s the size of it.
    Your memoirs are actually all about what you want now – ‘the mind, trauma articles, posts on the mind/body connection, repressed memory, and child sexual abuse in general’.
    I respect very much how you feel and of course any decision that you make. But maybe just think what it was like in the past in your own journey when any affirmation or reflection at all of your experience and pain could be very positive.

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