The Dangers of Cannabis

There is a huge movement across America, and other parts of the world, promoting the use of Cannabis for “health” and “well-being” — to “treat” depression, loneliness, stress, and fatigue.

Cannabis vaper devices, liquids, topicals, and edibles are promoted to avoid smoking the substance –as if it becomes “healthy” for you as long as you don’t smoke it.

Hemp Oil is highly pushed for insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety.



WARNING to readers:

I tried Hemp Oil for about a week when I was experiencing severe pain from an unresolved psychological trauma. I looked to the Hemp Oil out of desperation because I could not sleep or function due to the pain in my body.  I was terrified of prescription drugs, as they can cause loss of limbs, total peeling off of the skin, or death. (the woman in the article, who lost her skin, was prescribed Lamictal, sometimes used to treat bipolar disorders and depression.)

Taking the Hemp Oil was a huge mistake because it caused the underlying issue -my trauma- to surface in my body before I was ready to face it. The Hemp Oil caused me to experience extreme dizziness to the point of almost having to go to a hospital. I could feel the Hemp Oil heavily in my body that morning. I knew it was causing the problem and immediately stopped taking it. The dizziness never returned and my body felt a huge sigh of relief.

The memory connected to the dizziness came out in therapy a few weeks later when I was ready to handle it. I dealt with the dizziness by dealing with the memory.

It is dangerous to promote the use of Cannabis for stress, fatigue, loneliness, or depression.

The issues listed above are all symptoms of a person’s deeper-rooted psychological problem. “Psyche” mean “soul.” The person’s soul is not at peace. Depression is anger turned inward on one’s self. “loneliness” is an Ego problem, based in NEED/desire. The human Ego needs to be addressed.

Becoming addicted to substances will NOT cure or heal you. In addition, people need to know that the U.S. government owns the patent for Cannabis. If you use your intelligence, you can figure out the implications -future dangers- of the United States Government owning the patent to a substance that is used for treating medical issues, or for recreation or stress.

Anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia are symptoms of something deeper –something in the soul (Psyche) or Ego-needs of the person is crying out to be heard.

All Cannabis does, is the same thing that RX drugs do –it suppresses/represses the real problem in the person’s soul/psyche/mind, and the problem will show itself in other ways. The unresolved pain will create worse problems in the person’s body, or in their psychological/emotional state.

True healing comes from within, not from outward substances. The root cause of illness and disease must be found, or humanity will be forever stumbling around in the dark tripping over themselves, running into walls -hurting and killing themselves with outward treatments that do not heal anyone –do not truly heal anyone of anything. Prescription drugs, surgeries, and Chemotherapy can be deadly and harmful. Substances like Cannabis are only treating the symptom. 

The symptom is a cry for help from the soul of a person –a strong message that something is not okay in the soul, and or, mind of that person.

-Alethea Nova



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