Boy Scout Rapist

Scout veteran of 22 years, Jack Walls, was trusted by most of the people who lived in Lonoke Arkansas and was considered a “pillar of the community.” Walls was married, had three children, and even won Lonoke’s “man of the year” award.

Jack Walls used alcohol and pornography to persuade young boys into engaging in sexual acts with him. One victim said he was too afraid to tell because of the shame that would dominate him in the small town. Many of the boys felt this way and this enabled Walls to continue molesting several boys in secret.

When one of Wall’s victims finally revealed what had been happening, Walls was put on trial but his other victims lied on the stand and some took vows of silence. Walls was acquitted, and the one boy who had turned him in became the town pariah. Even the other victims ostracized the boy. They considered him “the enemy.” This shows how far a victim will go to protect an abuser. This was not even their own father and yet these boys lied for Jack Walls.

Jack Walls

Jack Walls

In spite of the acquittal, the Boy Scouts removed Jack Walls from their organization but this didn’t stop him. He began his own group of boys to go “camping” with and Walls continued raping boys. The victims eventually began to plummet into self-hatred and depression. Eventually, a victim -who had originally defended Walls in court- decided to speak up. Walls gave a gift to the victim’s younger brothers and he knew his brothers would be next. He was not willing to allow this to happen. He told everything to his parents and this triggered events that led to Jack Walls confessing.

It was reported by one of the victims that Wall’s wife knew about his “problem” long before the abuse was exposed. Another victim said that after Jack Walls confessed, his wife commented to Jack, “I thought you told me you weren’t going to do this anymore.”

The new Police Chief in Lonoke said the abuse of boys by Jack Walls was “swept under the rug for thirty years.” Prosecutors believed that Walls possibly had more than fifty victims over three decades. Walls plead guilty and all of the boys finally spoke against him. He was given three life sentences, and three forty-year terms.

Yet, even after the molestations had come out of the dark, and after Jack Walls confessed and was sentenced, the boy who had originally exposed Walls told Court TV that some people still see him as, “The guy that wouldn’t keep his mouth shut and let it go.”

As far as I am concerned, the non-offending members of the community who condemned and ostracized a child who was raped by a degenerate man, are just as guilty of child sexual abuse. Their blind ignorance perpetuates abuse and silences victims. I bet if we saw photos of the people who turned on the victim, they would look like mainstream Americans, all dressed nicely with tidy hair cuts. I bet most of them even attended church every Sunday. Makes me sick.



Court TV “Crime Stories”

Justice Files/Discovery Channel and Court TV’s The Scoutmaster’s Secret)

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13 Responses to Boy Scout Rapist

  1. I feel sorry for the boy that was brave enough to speak out and was called as a liar after this monster was aquitted. As for as I am concerned everybody that called this boy a liar are also child molesters. As far as the victims that turned their back on this boy got what they deserved and I hope they could not live with themselves and committed suicide or that they died in some other way at a young age. They don’t deserve to live on this earth or deserve to go to heaven. I hope they are all in hell like th st deserve.

    • Alethea says:

      Michelle, you have me in your camp to call people molesters when they call a child like this, a liar. The root word of “molest” is “action of annoying, vexing, or harassing.” So it fits.

      But watch out for wishing someone to commit suicide, suffer, or die at a young age. You only harm your own soul with thoughts like that.

      None of us “deserve” to go to Heaven. If justice were served, it would have been us up on that cross, not Jesus.

  2. Spector says:

    Hello. Are you aware of Heath Stocks in connection to this case? Thanks.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Spector. I used to correspond with Heath Stocks a number of years ago, while he was in prison. I had written to him because his story moved me so much. I feel he has served his time and needs to be released. I did not know about the page you linked. Thank you! I will sign the petition, and post his story on my Bog because I have hundreds of readers a day, so it will help get the world out.

      Thank you so much.

  3. nan says:

    i am outraged by the women that “stand by their man”!
    i am a survivor myself and still have anger issues with my mother’s feigned ignorance and acceptance
    this just allows the abuse to continue, thank God my father is dead now
    after watching sterling barber and listening to that abuser’s wife, i just wanted to reach in to the TV and throttle her
    a victim’s silence is understandable, her’s is downright despicable

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Nan. Many many of us have had or still have that deep anger towards our mothers for not protecting us, and instead, protecting the perpetrator. You are not alone by any means in your feelings for her. And you are right, these women do allow it to continue, and thus, are a part of the crime itself. They are a part of each and every rape, act of oral sex on the child, and each and every death threat or punishment of the child.

  4. Liv Id says:

    Child molestors, child rapists, however they are labeled, are an abomination of mankind!
    Who knows for certain the extent of the psychological damage inflicted on the victim, altering that young person’s life in innumerable ways?! I, at about five years of age, was forced to perform oral sex, threatened by the perp’s admonition that he would touch a match to the gas main in the cellar, if I didn’t give in to his desires. I had nightmares for years after, and then the event slipped into my subconscious for decades, only to resurface without my remembrance of the perp’s identity.
    I truly believe that molestors are incorrigible, and as such are a bane to society ; therefore the oy way to deak with them is lifetime incarceration. or extermination, orefersbly the latter!!

  5. Cheryl says:

    This really bothers me how our country is getting so numb to sexual abuse crime.It seem that the criminal it protected more than the victims. I belong to a program called CASA, many volunteers are advocates for only the child,the Judge signs a paper for the CASA volunteer to talk to schools, doctor,attorneys, counselor,foster parents,whoever else is the childs life,they find out information about the child or childrens,report is to the Judge. It is a good program.
    I came from a back round for sexual abuse in my life and and the life of many victims in my family generation, family member knew,but were more afraid of what people would think than exposing the sin. Fould out a year ago that my dad mother was sexual abuse at 8yrs, by stepfather.
    This is why I have such a burden for sexual abuse.
    Something has to be done, it is like an epidemic, children are being exposed use in sexual slavery, ect..

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Cheryl. I think it’s great that you are such an advocate for children. Something DOES have to be done, and there are so many areas that need addressing. Sometimes it seems overwhelming but if each of us puts our grain of sand into the world, and if each of us continues to speak out, then a shift will take place. And no matter what, every time one of us tells our story, or shares our pain, it helps someone out there.

      Stay strong,

  6. Glinda says:

    After reading your comments on the Sterling Barber case I followed over to this case. I find it so hard to believe That so called pillars of the community can live withthemselves after the full story came to light .These PEOPLE need to wake and except responsibility for thier actions or lack of !! What happend to protecting childern? These days the sick abusers get more respect and concern than these victoms. I hate that Sterling had to be puinshed for so long and that Wyatts family is still in denial .That wife needs to look in the mirror and ask herself everyday how she could have ever protected her sick husband.What if it had been her son ? Sorry for rambling .Hanks for the update and interesting 2nd story.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Glinda. You asked what if it had been Wyatt’s son who was abused… Well, I can say that if Wyatt sexually abused his children, his wife probably would have had the same reaction. Many women protect the abuser over their children –at least 45% do. This woman’s persona is indicative of a woman who would do just that.

  7. Carol Stormer says:

    This makes me sick!

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