Liberate Yourself From Pain, Emotional Suffering and Disease

I have given testimony of my healing from a serious illness and from the suffering and psychological debilitation of having been an incest victim. I would like to provide a way for other people to get the help they need. If you click on this link, you can read about the multitude of problems that I have healed from. My therapist can help anyone who has a willingness to heal and be free.

The kind of therapy that literally saved my life, and expelled a disease in my mind and body that no medical doctor could cure or treat -and the therapy which changed my life from one of desperation to a life of inner peace, health, and well-being- was not hypnosis in the sense that it has been understood. What healed me was hypnoanalysis, which is very different.

Hypnoanalysis is deeper than hypnosis. Hypnosis only treats symptoms, whereas, hypno-analysis goes into the direct cause and heals it.

Within the mainstream medical industry, and mental health profession, human diseases have been characterized as ’cause, or etiology unknown.’ Meaning, the cause of the disease cannot be determined, so the only “treatment” is to try and alleviate the symptoms. This is not a cure, and the physiological symptoms will continue, return, or manifest in another part of the body. Oftentimes, when the symptom, disease, or condition returns, it does so in a much more serious manner. This is because illness, disease, and chronic symptoms are the mind of the person screaming out for help in the only way it knows how.

If a person ignores their unconscious pain, suffering, or trauma….then their body will do the talking.

The root cause of physical suffering is almost always lodged in the depths of the subconscious memory. The same goes for psychological problems and phobias.

When medical doctors and psychiatry treat the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, hypnosis, and behavioral modification therapy, the symptom might appear to be alleviated for a time, but when stress or lifestyle changes take place in the person’s life, the problem is then re-aggravated, and the disease or psychological condition returns. In some cases, pharmaceutical drugs will cause the person to murder, act out destructively, or commit suicide. Pharmaceutical drugs do nothing but mask the pain and suffering that is inside a person. There are no “side effects” from pharmaceutical drugs, there are direct negative reactions from the drug; sometimes death.

Hypnoanalysis is a deep, natural, and direct way to remove the symptoms, and ultimately, the initial sensitizing event from the subconscious mind. The symptom or symptoms afflicting the person is replaced with new information coming from the client’s own subconscious, and it is chosen information.

My psychoanalyst never tried to change me, instill false beliefs, or implant events that never took place. She also did not place labels on me like, ‘neurotic’,  ‘clinically depressed,’ ‘social anxiety disorder,’ ‘obsessive compulsive disorder,’ ‘personality disorder,’ etc.

Instead, with this kind of therapy, the client learns to identify with his or her healthy centered self and the work concentrates on removing the root-cause of the client’s problem. This process happens naturally, gradually, and the person heals at the pace of their own subconscious mind.

Hypnoanalysis is a powerful, safe, and natural way of healing ourselves with the most powerful tool nature has given us; our mind.

My therapist is an award-winning author, theological investigator, lecturer and Doctor of Hypno-Analysis.

To anyone who is ready to open themselves to the infinite possibilities of their true self, and to give their inner child a second and joyful childhood, you can email me for her phone number:

My therapist can also help anyone with drug, alcohol, or smoking dependency. She can help anyone heal from destructive habits or to gain self-confidence and self-worth. She can also help you to be true to yourself, instead of being a “people-pleaser,” who lives for the acceptance of others.

Some of the physical illness and diseases she has healed in other clients are a breast lump, lung infections, gout, impotency, kidney stones, bipolar disorder, severe agoraphobia, and asthma.

The therapy can be administered over the telephone and most of her clients prefer it that way. It is very important to understand that this therapy is nothing short of a miracle.

Prior to beginning the hypnotherapy, I was on the verge of suicide and lived in desperation. Before I had this therapy, a typical day for me was spent in bed or lying on a couch in pain with multiple debilitating and frightening physical symptoms. My sanity was constantly challenged. There were times when I had ten or twelve physical afflictions throughout various periods of the day.

After more than a decade of suffering, I have completely healed from 95% of my initial problems. I am currently still in therapy and the remaining symptoms are currently healing.

If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse, or even just anyone who is not at peace and who wants help, then you should take action to help liberate yourself. My therapist has helped people with all kinds of physical illness and mental suffering. She has helped countless people for over thirty years.

This post and information is in no way for my benefit, or for the benefit of my therapist. I do not receive financial gains from sharing this information, my therapist has not asked me to share it, nor does she “need” patients. I asked her if I could post this information so that others can heal , be free and experience life again. I have suffered so much, that I feel it would be selfish to merely move on with my new life without trying to help others, and to share the gift that God has given me.

Contact me personally about my therapist:


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  1. Nisha says:

    I’m don’t know what’s my purpose in life I use drugs since I was ten I know that it’s a lot in this world hidden secrets and we’re not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities so much that I drive myself crazy like it’s something I need to figure out but can’t because I try to remain so surface

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