You Are Not Crazy: It Might Be PTSD

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is often unrecognized in those who have it, and it affects millions of people.

Some of the most common symptoms of PTSD include recurring memories, which can be in flashes, fragments, or partial memory.

Nightmares insomnia, loss of interest in your favorite things, or feeling numb, anger, depression, and irritability are also common.

It is common to avoid anything, anyone, or anywhere that you fear might trigger repressed memories -or events never forgotten- that caused great distress.

Some of the less known symptoms are below:

  • Feeling emotionally cut off from other people, or estranged from others.
  • Thinking that you are always in danger
  • Fear of impending doom
  • Feeling anxious, jittery, or ‘on the edge’
  • Experiencing a sense of panic that something bad is about to happen
  • Exaggerated startle response
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Having trouble keeping your mind on one thing
  • Eating disorders
  • Impulsive behavior that is dangerous or harmful
  • Aggression
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Inability to experience positive emotions
  • Always being on guard for danger
  • Overwhelming fear for unknown reasons

PTSD_carousel_t770It is common that alcohol or drug abuse, and other self-destructive actions, will begin, or increase during periods in which PTSD is being experienced.

Scattered thoughts, spaciness, forgetfulness, dissociation, and amnesia can also occur.

Familial conflict, or trouble getting along with your spouse or co-workers –conflict that arises out of seemingly benign situations, or an over-reaction to small disagreements is common.

With the current state of the world, PTSD symptoms can vary in intensity –especially by watching news stories, or while reading about a sexual assault, or due to conflict with neighbors or because of money issues.

ptsd-570x200PTSD will increase with stressful situations that would otherwise not have bothered you, or not bothered someone who does not have PTSD.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which severe physical harm occurred or when there was a serious threat.

Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or unnatural disasters, accidents, or military combat.

Anyone who has experienced, or witnessed, a traumtic life-threatening event can develop PTSD, including military personnel, survivors of accidents, or rape, physical or sexual abuse, and other crimes.

PTSD can occur at any age, including childhood. Women are more likely to develop PTSD.

PTSD is usually diagnosed when the symptoms following exposure to trauma persist for a month or more.

In some people, PTSD will not show itself until years after the trauma occurred.

Symptoms of PTSD can arise years, or decades after a person has been raped, threatened, or sexually abused –especially if they were traumatized during childhood.

Loss of a loved one, a divorce, a new abusive home environment, an abusive employer, getting married, having a baby, or any serious life-altering event can trigger PTSD, but these events are NOT the direct cause of the PTSD symptoms. there is an underlying, root (original sensitizing event) cause for the PTSD to arise years after trauma or childhood sexual abuse took place.

Total, or partial amnesia, for childhood terror, sexual abuse, rape, and other trauma is highly common, and associated with PTSD.

There is no other cure for PTSD, than to actually deal with the original trauma –the initial sensitizing event. Prescription medication is not only dangerous, and can kill or harm you…but RX drugs are linked to suicidal behavior or the harm or murder of others. Anti-depressants can also kill the empathy gene.

Medical marijuana will never cure you, it only treats certain symptoms. Watch out, because one day, the U.S. Government will probably get a hold of all medical marijuana distribution and will probably lace it with dangerous chemicals that could eventually kill you, or alter your DNA.

It’s better to treat PTSD naturally, through effective psycho-analysis.




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Lena Dunham Jumps On Sex Trafficking Victim Bandwagon: Please Help Me Stop This

Variey Magazine Online, is reporting that Lena Dunham is now “helping victims of sex trafficking find hope.”

This is VERY serious. Human trafficking is slavery and the forcible rape of women and children (and men) –it is violent rape, sometimes thirty or more times a day.

human_trafficking_dt1Lena Dunham’s admitted, and with self-enjoyment, sexual abuse of her little sister, automatically disqualifies her to work with any organization which is trying to help sexual assault victims.

“What attracted me so much to the cause is that I’m a feminist and I’m a sexual assault survivor,” says Dunham, the star of HBO’s “Girls.” “I felt that it was important to me to not just call attention to the circumstances (around) which I was assaulted on a college campus, but also to call attention to sexual-abuse survivors who have far less of a public voice.”

May I remind my readers that Lena Dunham’s own account of the “rape” was nothing more than consensual sex with a guy in college. How dare she try, as a PR campaign, to come on board with victims of torture, imprisonment, and daily rapes?

To read Dunham’s own account of her consensual sex act in college, please click here.

I have written an email to the founder of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, Rachel Lloyd, who was quoted in Variety as saying Dunham has been working with Lloyd to build a library for the organization, and that she is “grateful for Dunham’s voice because she has a platform.”

Clearly, Lloyd has not heard about Dunham’s sexual molestation of her sister, nor read Dunham’s account of consensual sex, nor seen the photo that Dunham posted of her sister on Instagram –a photo, which would disturb any victim of sex trafficking because it looks like a young sex trafficking victim and Lena calls the child “sex property.”

I have copied and pasted my comment to Ms. Llyod, and the link for sending her a comment is provided below that. Please take the small amount of time to write a brief (or not so brief) message to this organization. If you prefer, there is also a phone number, and a FAX number.

Stop-Human-Trafficking-e1312364567119Imagine the horror of being a sex trafficking victim…then picture Lena’s description of consensual sex with “Barry” in her college apartment, where she only stopped the sex because she saw that he took the condom off. She was not being raped, she only did not want to get pregnant. Lena herself called it “fucking” and that she “didn’t come.”

My email:

“As a survivor of rape and incest, and as an advocate against child sexual abuse, rape, and sex-trafficking -I am very concerned and disturbed by reading that Lena Dunham will have anything to do with your organization.

Lena Dunhan is a self-admitted child molester, who wrote about, and spoke openly about (and she used titillating words) the sexual abuse and psychological abuse she perpetrated on her little sister for ten years. This abuse included bribing the child to gratify Lena, and Lena at age 12 or 13 “forcing” her sister to “make-out” with her when the child was FIVE, and included prying open the child’s vagina, as well as masturbation, in bed, next to the ten year-old when Lena was 17 years-old –nearly an adult.

In addition, as an adult, Lena Dunham (about a year ago) posted a photo on Instagram, of her then five year-old sister wearing make-up, and fake breasts. Lena posted the photo with the caption “that time I dressed my 5 year old sister as a Hell’s Angel’s sex property.” Five year-old children are NOT “sex property,” and the Hell’s Angels have been linked to rapes and gang rapes. I bet if one of your sex trafficking victims saw that photo, they would be HIGHLY disturbed by it. You can view that photo here: (link was inserted)

Not only did Lena describe Child-on-Child sexual abuse perpetrated on her sister in her book, but she said she did “basically anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl.”

I cannot fathom that your organization – which demands that victims of sexual abuse and rape feel safe and validated- would allow Lena Dunham to be a spokesperson for you, or to work with you in any way.

Rachel Lloyd was quoted in Variety Magazine (online) as saying she “is grateful for Dunham’s voice because she has has a platform.” I hope you immediately distance yourself from Lena Dunham, because if you keep her associated with your organization because of her being a celebrity, then you will be re-traumatizing many of us who were sexually abused by our sisters, and raped by men. Lena Dunham’s book clearly describes a night of consensual sex with a guy in college. It was NOT rape and Lena Dunham is a child molester by any true standards, morals, and principles.”

I look forward to your response.
Alethea XXXX

I am including the photo of Lena’s little sister here once again so that my readers can look at it, and imagine looking at it as a victim of sex trafficking.

#tbt that time I dressed my 5 year old sister as a Hell's Angel's sex property #1997

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on


Please send them an Email: and feel free to use some of my email, or all of it, but make it your own style so they don’t feel like it is a spamming campaign.

Thank you for taking action.




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Liberate Yourself from Facebook, Delete Your Account

Yesterday I completely deleted my Facebook account, and I feel free.

What prompted this action?

Three things:

When Lena Dunham came out with her book, Not That Kind of Girl -which exposed herself as a child molester and a false accuser of rape, I was vocal about her on Internet news articles, using my Facebook account.

I never posted any spam, but merely criticized her book, her degeneracy with her little sister, and commented how serious child molestation by a sibling can be.

Facebook quietly removed all of my comments around the web, and removed my ability to post any comments on news articles, about ANY subject, using my Facebook account.

Then, when I learned that Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 for two billion dollars, and read what they are planning to do with the Oculus VR, I took action to delete my Facebook account -including Ordinary Evil’s Facebook Page.

What is Facebook planning with this Virtual Reality device?

Read the article (linked below), and you will know.

Facebook is a huge part of the agenda to kill the souls of human beings with ‘virtual sex.’

This situation is very serious, but not just because of the impact on marriages, rape victims, and the safety of children (this VR device will train the human brain to enjoy sex with children in those already deviant in that regard).

This plan is a huge part of the desire to kill the souls of human beings, who, instead of being told how they can transform themselves into illumined children of God, are being indoctrinated into a reptilian-brained society, which caters to pornography, selfish/ego-driven needs, the desires of a deviant mind, and to the soul’s ultimate demise.

Removing my right to criticize Lena Dunahm, and to post any comment -about any subject- on any news article using my Facebook account, was intellectual despotism; and Facebook’s plans with “Oculus VR” has prompted me to not break my principles by being a part of the darkness by keeping my Facebook account open.

Imagine if every person cancelled their Facebook account in protest of this? Imagine, if we all went back to calling one another, and to sitting down over lunch, or coffee, and talking about vital subjects, or just making human to human contact? Imagine if people began sending one another letters and cards in the mail again?

The Sign of Our Times

The Sign of Our Times

This photo is another reason I will not be a part of Facebook any longer. I will not be a part of an anti-social media.

Facebook was a huge waste of my time for six years! I tried to use it for good. I attempted to make my Facebook “friends” aware and educated about child sexual abuse, but those posts were ignored.

If I posted a photo of my husband being silly, I received 15 “likes” and several comments. Anything I posted about child abuse awareness, was ignored.

I have found this to be the case for many people who have tried to use Facebook for the greater good, instead of just being social and posting family photos.

Time is always running out, as we humans are here on earth for a very short time. Consider how much of your time is wasted on Facebook.

This article explains what Facebook is planning.

Virtual Sex, Masturbation with Strangers, and Sex With Children Coming to Your Home soon.

Amendment added to this article, April 18 2015. Facebook is reading your Text messages:

Android permission (what you’ll see on your Android) Examples of what we use this permission for
Read your text messages (SMS or MMS) If you add a phone number to your account, this allows us to confirm your phone number automatically by finding the confirmation code that we send via text message.
Download files without notification This allows us to improve the app experience by pre-loading News Feed content.
Read/write your contacts These permissions allow you to import your phone’s contacts to Facebook and sync your Facebook contacts to your phone.
Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge This allows you to see your Facebook events in your phone’s calendar.
Read calendar events plus confidential information This allows the app to show your calendar availability (based on your phone’s calendar) when you’re viewing an event on Facebook.

The above is taken directly from the Facebook Page titled: Why is the Facebook app requesting permission to access features on my Android?

This information just came to me this evening when someone told me they removed their Facebook App because of Facebook’s ability to read your text messages on your cell phone.

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn people.

Will you now join me in deleting your Facebook account?



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How Do People Avoid Facing Their Own Soul?

Part Two.

Part One can be read by clicking here: Collective Push To Transform Our Consciousness and Face Our Childhood?

People avoid suffering, and their soul, through self-medication with drugs and alcohol, affairs, anti-depressants, denial, medical and recreational marijuana, and by trying to lie to themselves with “positive-thinking.”

What do I mean by lying to their own soul? Soul means “psyche.” The subconscious mind is the soul.We cannot lie to our own soul, becasue it knows the truth. The soul knows everything, and does not like to be bullshitted.

Popular belief systems like that of Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, are a system of beliefs where people try to avoid suffering and spiritual growth.

Both Tolle and Hay have some truth in their teaching, but both have far more detrimental ways of viewing life, that can create more suffering and can stop people from evolving.

Tolle has it right when he speaks about the ego controlling most of our lives, and that surrender is essential when a moment is out of our control, but Tolle has spoken a tremendous error when he referred to Jesus’ quote, “I Am The Truth, The Way and The Life.” …Tolle says, “WE are truth,” and says we can become “egoless.”

We humans are NOT truth. We are not Gods. We have the potential to become God-like, but Tolle’s own ego is talking, and he doesn’t even recognize it.

No one can kill the ego, because without the ego, we would not have free will.
The ego can be tamed, minimized, or somewhat controlled…but do not be fooled into believing it can be extinguished.

Louise Hay, has promoted a pretty strange idea of what LOVE means.

Through Hay’s “positive affirmations,” and “positive-thinking” (this is like denying that nighttime exists) she has turned the word LOVE into a people-pleasing, group hug, “high five,” ‘social pleasantry,’ “be nice, or else” word. Even Buddhism does not teach this, and many of those who follow Tolle and Hay, also follow Buddhism (a religion I have great respect for).

This is not to say that being joyful and complimentary to others, and laughter are not essential, and a part of love. This aspect of love is beautiful, but not love itself. Engaging with others, uplifting them, and enjoying moments with friends is a part of life, and life is a part of love.

Love has many aspects:

Love-ProjectBoth Tolle and Hay have spoken some truth about the human mind and the ego, and about the beauty of nature and forgiveness; but neither one of them have shown people how to find Eternal Life, and both of them say we are Gods.

If we are Gods, then what a hell we have created here on earth for ourselves and for nature, children and animals.

If you think you are a God, or “Goddess,” then go out and move a mountain.

Tolle’s teachings also do not account for extreme physical suffering, and mental anguish –especially the kind that is caused by severe childhood sexual abuse, parental abandonment, and trauma.

Neither of the teachings of Tolle or Hay are working, because there is more indifference, spiritual sickness, selfishness, physical illness and disease, stress, obesity, laziness, addiction, isolation, psychotropic drug use, and anger than I have seen in my lifetime.

Tolle’s answer to suffering has been to tell people to go walk in Nature. As much of a lover of Nature as I am, walking in Nature cannot heal or cure selfishness, ego-driven desires, diseases, or eating disorders. Nor can it heal any of the severe trauma-related physical and mental suffering in people who have had traumatic childhoods.

The countless illnesses attributed to child sexual abuse, as well as PTSD, chronic migraines, auto-immune diseases, shingles, panic attacks, flashbacks, neurological disorders, nightmares, and cancer cannot be cured by taking a walk in nature.

“Perspective” also cannot heal those very serious problems.

There is a difference between ‘seeing things differently’ or ‘changing your attitude’ –a difference between that and TRUE HEALING to the core level –healing to the point of total riddance of all physical suffering and psychological problems –healing to the point of total freedom and liberation from disease and illnesses, and from all psychological disorders and depression –as well as freedom from ego-driven behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

What are “ego-driven” behaviors, thoughts, and emotions?

Selfish behavior –anything that breaks the Golden Rule: “do not do to others what you would not want done to you,” and not saying “thank you.”

Bad thoughts –envy, jealousy, greed, resentment, or harbored anger.

Emotional reactions that are selfish or over-reactive –using others an on-going Kleenex box when you are upset or angry, excessive anger, disregard for other’s time, and constantly fulfilling your own needs before others.

“Positiveness” in it’s true connotation is “gratitude”

Using gratitude (being “positive”) can help a person crawl out of self-pity, or can help them see they have a lot to live for, or to be grateful for…but “positive affirmations,” “positive visualization” or ‘changing your way of thinking,’ will NEVER heal a person in a true and dynamic way. It will never illuminate the soul, transform the soul, or liberate the body from physical disease –or the mind from mental suffering.

Louise Hay states, “all love begins with self-love.” TRUE love begins with love for others, self-sacrifice, and love for God… not self-love.

Self-care, self-respect, and self-regard are an essential part of life, but self-love has a whole different meaning.

“Love” has many dimensions, and none of them have to do with selfishness. Louise Hay has her followers boosting their own ego through constant self-love, self-adoration, self-aggrandizement, and self-accomplishment.

People think “Satanic” means something with a tail in hell, but it is inside every person. The human ego is satanic in nature, because it is the selfish part of us –the self is Satanic. Every human being has a selfish gene and an altruistic gene. These two genes are a part of our DNA. It is up to each individual soul to choose which gene they want to identify with.

This is not a condemnation or a judgement. Every human soul is born with the selfish gene –the ego. People might say, “oh no…not me, I am a ‘good’ person.” THAT itself, is the EGO talking.

“However much we may deplore something, it does not stop it from being true….let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do.”― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

No other species, except the human species, has been given free will to choose –to choose between feeding the selfish gene, or our Love Nature (Our Divinity).

One of Louise Hay’s ‘positive affirmations’ is, “I am perfect the way I am.” If every human being were “perfect” we would all be in Heaven –not in this imperfect realm of suffering and pain.

There is much beauty here, and we experience joy and goodness, but because this is the realm of suffering and purging of our souls. God so loves us, that God gave us beautiful moments and laughter, and Nature, so we would not go crazy as human beings.

We are here on earth, only for a blink of an eye, and this means that humanity must quickly crawl out of its self-absorption and change their soul –change their very way of being –not use positive affirmations to get what they want. Because if people are using their mind in order to only ‘get what they desire’ then this will backfire on them.

‘Positivity’ is lying to yourself. I don’t know how many times people have looked me straight in the face and stated love or a positive remark about another person, or their life, and then suddenly broken down with emotion.

Between the two of them, Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, have taught people how to love yourself, how to be selfish, visualize material possessions and what you want, and to “live in the now”  –living in the moment has spiritual truth, but people who have suffered traumatic childhoods cannot just “choose” to change their symptoms in one day, or rid themselves of their suffering by living in the moment. Being ‘in the now’ also does not give true peace when we are faced with death, harm, or fear (when our self-survival mechanism kicks in).

We humans must transform our consciousness –not just ‘change our thoughts.’ Humans must transform.

Mankind is suffering because it has deviated from the law –the law of life, the science of life –the law of Love that Moves the Universe.

Louise Hay had an affirmation recently that stated: “I work miracles in my life” GOD works miracles.

If you think you are a God, and manifest what you have in your life because of ‘positive affirmations’ or ‘positive-thinking’ then watch out, because the Supreme Manifester, The One Who Gives us all we have –even our very breath and life, can and will, take all that we have away from us in one second if God’s will is to do it for the spiritual growth of that person.

What we humans have been doing is not working.

Louise Hay and Eckart Tolle make millions of dollars a year telling others what they want to hear. Louise Hay’s affirmations and Eckart Tolle’s “live in the now” belittle serious psychological and physical suffering, and their belief system hinders the evolution of the soul.

If Hay and Tolle’s methods worked, then there would be less suicides, less disease, less pre-mature deaths, less cancer, less violence, less child abuse, less child pornography, less affairs, less divorce, less fear, less isolation, less animals suffering, less depression, and less drug and alcohol addiction. There would be less prescriptions for RX drugs -drugs that are killing people, maiming them, or creating people who lack empathy -WHO WANT TO KILL OTHERS- or who want to commit suicide. (Research has found that anti-depressants affect the empathy gene, making people have less empathy).

All of the above has increased in the past decade; not the other way around.

It is our choice to become dark or light. Humans have the potential to either become demons or angels, and no one knows which way one soul will go, or another soul will go… but one thing is for certain…time will run out. The time to transform and evolve is now, not after you get that next job, or when you meet the right guy, or after you return from your trip, or after your child is born, or when you think you will ‘have more time,’ or more money to worry about such things.

How do I know all of this? Who is Alethea to be telling us this?

I am no one in particular, but I have healed, with the mind, from a long list of diseases and illnesses that some of the best medical doctors at UCLA and Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles California, and $30,000 in medical bills, could not cure or treat.

How did I do this? Through the work of Dr. De Saint Simone, a pioneer in the field of Personal Alchemy –the Science of Self-Transformation, and a professional and highly experienced hypno-analyst. She teaches the transformative power of Love, and a raised consciousness, which gradually helps anyone who is willing to grow beyond his or her limits to uncover their True Identity – to an Unlimited Being, with Unlimited Potentials of Being, but she can also help to heal anyone of nearly any disease, illness, addiction, relationship problem, or psychological problem there is.

I have spent twenty years working on my spiritual growth, educating myself, becoming self-aware, and searching for answers that cannot be found in textbooks, or on the Internet, or from a college professor.

What Dr. De Saint Simone does is nothing short of a miracle and if people understood the power of what she does, they would be lining up for miles to receive her help.

You can read what I have healed from by clicking here:

Further reading about the therapy and my illnesses and diseases can be read by clicking here. and here

Dr. De Saint Simone’s work with the mind and disease has cured other people besides myself. She has helped people heal from epilepsy, asthma, gout, lung infection, kidney stones, a breast lump, male impotency, agoraphobia, and much more.

More on Dr. De Saint Simone:

Change Your Life With Award-Winning Hypno-Analyst, Lecturer and Dame of Honor






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Collective Push To Transform Our Consciousness and Face Our Childhood?

What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
It is the little shadow which runs across
the grass and loses itself in the sunset. –Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior

Allow me, for a moment to preface by saying that I wrote this article because I do not want anyone to feel alone or as if “God is punishing me,” or “why me?” I did not write this article for any other reason than to help others, as I too have been helped by being given certain knowledge.

I should have written this article two or three months ago, as these events, and personal and collective changes have already begun.


Depending upon your personal belief system, you can call what is happening, ‘the great awakening,’ “electromagnetic fields affecting the universe/planets/people,” ‘times of great testing,’ or “astrological influences.”

Regardless of your feelings on how, or whether, the planetary alignments can affect humanity…on December 21st, 2012, the earth went though a profound astronomical alignment.

Some people felt the changes would be galactic, or horrific, and would happen in an instant because the ancient Mayan calendar had stopped on that date.

Personally, I never felt it would be the “end of the world” but I did expect to witness and experience changes in nature, and in the collective life of humanity.

Many things have happened to me personally since that date. The past three years have been the most challenging soul work of my adult life. I have also paid close attention to friends and news articles, so I am aware that I am not alone. Most everyone I know has been facing serious challenges since December 2012, with an increase in the past three months.

Not everything that has happened since that date is all bad, and depending on whether or not you consider suffering, hard lessons, or pain, as ‘good or bad’ –many of these changes are very good for the human soul.

The spiritual lessons I have learned have been profound, life-altering, and liberating.

A few months ago, things grew increasingly “worse” for many people –which we can consider as ‘harder, but more transformative,’ lessons.

A few months ago, the planetary system moved into positions which have, or will, force us to either choose self, or love –to choose to either grow spiritually, or remain stuck in our old, dysfunctional ways. Basically, human beings are being forced to evolve.

There has been an increase in sudden changes, traumas, and shocking events.
In my opinion, we are all being tested, or forced to face our own soul –or both.

Not only are we asked by our Divine Source to alter our state of consciousness to a higher level, but we are also asked to make the correct choice –to choose love, and not self– sometimes to the point of exhaustion. But no matter how long it takes, or how much effort we have to make, we must always choose the right path, or we will suffer the consequences.

There are always consequences when we deviate from the law.

No one can escape Universal Law, and it doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, undecided, Catholic, “New Age,” or Muslim. The law of the Universe, which is cause and effect, plays no favorites.

Below is a list of how things have been going for many people in the year 2015. Many of these issues are directly related to child sexual abuse, unresolved childhood pain, physical suffering, illness, disease, emotional conflict, careers, drug and alcohol addiction, gender identity, marriage, familial conflict, sudden divorce or partners ‘being done’ with the relationship unexpectedly –as well as spiritual transformation:

• There could be major, cataclysmic events, and or, personal life-changing events that will force some people to change their consciousness, find a Higher Power, face their childhood, or all of this.
• There will be more blaming of others, more defensiveness, more selfishness, the human ego doing what it wants without regard for others, or for the consequences. This will mean more isolation, more suicides, more mass killings, and unfortunately- more mental illness.
• Many people will be experiencing –and already have been experiencing- repressed childhood traumatic memories rearing their head, and if people don’t face their past, they will be forced to.
• There could also be more war, and an increase in religious-related attacks.

On the other end of the things:

  • There will be more creativity, some marriages will become stronger, some people will be leaning towards altruism instead of what is best for themselves, and there will be major transformations and rebirth of souls (spiritual re-birth, ‘cleansing, or trial by fire,’ or what is known as ‘baptism by fire’)

As I mentioned earlier, there will be repressed memories (these are memories of trauma, abuse, abandonment, or sexual abuse blocked out from the conscious mind) coming up in people who thought they were done with dealing with their past, and in other people who previously had no idea that they were sexually or physically abused, or traumatized in childhood.

Many people are already experiencing the past rearing its ugly head in the form of panic attacks, PTSD symptoms, depression, hearing the past in television programs (sound and audio memory is very strong), or seeing images or flashes that are a trigger from past traumatic or emotionally devastating events. Some people are having difficulty staying grounded and present in their daily lives.

This means:

  • Depression could become worse.
  • Anger, fear, and conflict, are more easily triggered with current events, or in relationships –especially marriages.
  • Memories, thoughts, or ideas could be popping up in a disjointed fashion, making it hard for some individuals to distinguish between the past, present, and future.
    This will cause some individuals to repetitiously create trauma, conflict, and problems in their lives. These repetitive, and sometimes harmful, actions can be motivated by repressed trauma and subconscious impulses (these are impulses driven by the subconscious mind, that the conscious self has no control over. They are usually caused by unhealed emotional pain from childhood).
  • What does all of this mean for human beings collectively and individually?
    There could be a great amount of volatility as people search for justice, truth, healing, and self-identity.
  • There could be major problems with fear, as people begin to feel trapped, impotent, or lack self-sufficiency.
  • There will probably be more self-isolation, “my way or the highway” attitude and more wounding of others, alienation from friends or groups; or groups and friendships will be re-defined.
  • There will most likely be rebellion against authority and familial conflict –especially between a wounded soul, and their parents and siblings.
  • For some, there will be a tug-o-war between inner changes and security.

For some people –especially those under the astrological sign of Aquarius—they will take what is happening to them personally, as well as what is happening in collective society, and they will do one of three things:

• Become rebels, leaders, avant-garde.
• Stay stuck in a people-pleasing, fearful place –too afraid to be different or go against the grain
• Become extremists and possibly harm others

The good news about this most extraordinary time to be alive, is that we all have an opportunity to evolve, fight against injustice, become more enlightened, start projects that are geared towards altruism –and not just our personal desires.

This period of history presents us with a chance to go within, reflect, strive for self-realization, re-define our desires to align with our Higher Power –to listen to our intuitive nature and do a life review.

This time in history provides a blueprint, which has been laid out for all humans –and for those who wish to use it, it is a blueprint to liberate the mind from unhealthy concepts, rigid thinking, and ego-identification.

There are a number of basic ways to help our evolutionary transition, past traumas, and self-awareness to go more smoothly:

• People will need to seek equal ground in their personal relationships. We must all step back and examine our role in any conflict –past or present.
• Practice patience
• Practice gratitude
• Implement new levels of fairness
• People will either have to find a way to make peace with their past, or heal it in a true and dynamic way.
• Be careful of playing victim or trying to victimize others.
• Let go of selfishness.
• We humans need to take an honest look at ourselves, and our childhood. Humans have to be willing to face their own darkness –to examine any childhood wounds and to heal those wounds in a true and dynamic way.
• Break free of the concept of ‘people-pleasing.’ Love does not cater to the ego of others. On the contrary, Love speaks the truth to their soul.
• Lots and lots of surrender to what we cannot currently change, and acceptance of what we are impotent about.
• A strong will to heal resentment and anger –both of which can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

These are ways that can make life flow easier for humanity, children, and animals. However, it can just as easily turn ugly and worse for our planet if people continue down the current path of self-oriented thinking and behaviors, and the avoidance of their own soul, which will cause a lot of pain, illness, and disease— for themselves as well as for others.

How do people avoid facing their own soul?

I will tell you, in part two. Click here: How Do People Avoid Facing Their Own Soul?


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Giving Your Child Someone Else’s Breast Milk Is Child Abuse

This is a form of child abuse. Please, don’t do this….. it is putting the DNA of a stranger inside your child’s body! It could be the DNA of a child sexual abuser, or a murderer, or someone with defective genes, HIV, or other diseases.

“With breast milk online, it’s buyer beware” ~CNN


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Sexual Predators Can Confuse the Sexual Identity of a Child, and Even Get Them To Commit Murder

This is a re-post from 2012. It is timely…

“People need to realize that there are many, many of us out there, and we’re not going away.”
~ an admitted pedophile

When a child is being sexually violated, they often go through the process of anticipating the abuse, experiencing the abuse, and then an act of affection or calming behavior by the abuser. This is when van der Kolk says, the “fantasy of fusion and symbiosis” begins. 1 Some people even theorize that victims of abuse can literally become addicted to their abuser as well as to the abuse –just like a drug addiction.

This kind of morbid emotional union might even lead to murder.

In 2002, Alex and Derek King (above) were tried as adults and convicted of second degree murder for killing their father. The two boys, only twelve and thirteen at the time –and too young to truly understand the seriousness of their actions– had originally confessed to the murder.

The boys later said they had lied in order to cover for Rick Chavez, a “family friend,” and the man who Alex says had been sexually abusing him. The boys claimed Chavez killed their father to keep him from knowing about the abuse and because he would not have allowed them to live with Chavez. 2

Much of the country was riveted when watching baby-faced Alex take the stand in his dress shirt and little tie. Alex told the court, and the world, about a sexual relationship with forty year-old Chavez.

I was one of millions who sat glued to Court TV to watch the trial. It was heartbreaking to see a small boy tell of his romantic love for an adult man.


Rick Chavez (in the photo with the boys) was eventually found not guilty of the murder. 3 The verdict shocked many people. 4 In spite of the love-letters written from Alex to his molester, Chavez was also found not-guilty of child molestation. Once again, it appears that a jury with an apple pie minded denial system, had refused to believe that a grown a man was having sex with a little boy.

The verdict defied the testimony given by Alex, and it flew in the face of common sense. Although unknown by the jury at the time, Chavez had been previously convicted of sexually assaulting two 13 year-old boys in 1984.

However, Chavez was convicted of false imprisonment in the King case, and later, he was convicted of accessory to the murder. Chavez is serving 35 years.

When Alex King testified at the murder trial, he spoke of his feelings for Chavez as if they were young lovers. Chavez not only stole Alex’s childhood, but he caused terrible sexual confusion in Alex, who wrote in a love letter to Chavez that he did not know if he was straight or gay.

This turmoil can be devastating for a child.

Alex King’s love letters to Chavez were painful and tragic. Alex’s crooked little handwriting resembled a young girl’s diary entry after she meets her first love. Alex wrote to Chavez, “I love you always and forever.”

Alex wrote that his life was uncertain before he met Rick Chavez and that he didn’t know if he wanted to be a teacher, a governor, or the president of the United States. Alex wrote that he thought these goals were what life was about. He said that once he met Rick Chavez, he realized he was wrong and that life was about sharing with someone else.

Little Alex thought he was in love with Chavez and wrote (maybe even prophetically) that his ultimate goal was to do whatever Chavez wanted. 5

Although Alex says it was his idea to kill his father, and Derek says he was the one who ultimately murdered their father, Chavez encouraged, coerced, and even pushed those boys to kill their father.

Whether or not the King boys committed or planned the murder, they should not be blamed for the crime. The King boys come from a society in which children are taught that violence is the only way to solve a problem, and to kill whatever is in their way.

If the King boys did kill their father, they also did it because of a lack of love and lack of healthy parental nourishment. Their mother was a stripper, who left the entire family when they were very young. There was mental and physical abuse by the father, and because of “discipline problems,” he sent Derek off to live with a foster family, and Alex was shoveled off to stay with Rick Chavez.

Alex and Derek’s father never did a background check on Chavez, and I am sure the boys both felt subconscious rage at their father for not protecting them from a molester.

Both boys were pawned off by their father, and abandoned by their mother.

Derek openly admitted to having overwhelming anger for his father. Alex still struggles with why the murder happened, and you can see the pain in his eyes. I am certain there is hidden rage at his father for placing him in the hands of a child rapist.

Alex had his entire life ahead of him, but it was ripped apart by Chavez’s degeneracy.

Child abusers have the ability to get their victim to do almost anything for them. The relationship between the sexual predator and his prey is extremely complicated. Through a form of brain washing, the abuser can twist the victim’s mind by grooming the child into believing that the abuser is the child’s only path to self-worth, and to love.

Child abusers are deceptive, manipulative, and self-oriented. Alex and Derek were being manipulated by a convicted child sexual abuser, and their sense of self was gone.

Pedophiles and child abusers steal children’s goals, possible future contributions to society, their freedom –and often, their sexuality. The victim grows with all the scars, and eventually the rage sets in.

Thousands of people were enraged when the King boys were convicted of murder. The trial was shown in its entirety on Court TVand I was among many people, who wrote the judge in the case, hoping to convince him to reverse the conviction.

On Thursday October 17 2002, the Miami judge overturned the convictions of Alex and Derek King.

The judge ordered that the attorneys both reach a plea bargain, or a new trial would be granted for the boys. Alex was given seven years, and Derek, eight years.

This shows that, when people respond to injustice in great numbers, things can be changed. Abuse survivors know better than anyone that silence is approval. Writing letters in situations like this can create positive changes for victims of child molestation and child rape, and can modify the court system. For once, America was not silent, and these two boys now have their freedom as handsome young men.

Some cases wrench my heart. But this one has a happy ending.


Although I can still see pain in Alex’s eyes, and in his tone, both boys are enrolled in college, have lots of friends and girlfriends, and both the young men have people who stepped up, in order to become the loving families the boys never had growing up.


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