Keratoconus: Seeing the Truth About This Disease

In 2012, a young woman named Grace, found my Blog while she was experiencing emotional and psychological anguish.

Grace took the name and phone number of my therapist, Ysatis De Saint-Simone, and Grace now has a story she wants to share with the world. In hope of helping others, Grace has written this article about healing Keratoconus naturally.

I am honored to publish this article:

~It seems that almost everyone I know is taking drugs, has had (or is contemplating) surgery, and is suffering with countless physical and mental/emotional symptoms. Thankfully, in recent years, there has been a decidedly warm embrace of “alternative” methods of healing, such as acupuncture, yoga, homeopathy and naturopathy. 

Folks are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that their old habits and old strategies of dealing with illness (i.e., drugs and/or surgery) are just not working.

My own path of healing has taken me to many doctors, specialists and various clinics. None of the doctors, specialists or clinics offered me a solution I was at ease with. I started asking myself: if I have a “disease” shouldn’t I be searching for a solution that will grant back the EASE in my life?If I’m at dis-ease with a proposed healing solution, I am no better than when I started.

This nagging voice inside of me turned out to be a gift from God. I would like to share my story in hope that it may help someone out there who is going through the seemingly hopeless experience of being faced with a diagnosis, yet fearful of making the wrong choice.

In the summer of 2010, I went to the eye doctor, because I decided it was time for a new prescription. After two appointments, my doctor could not correct the problem I was having in my right eye, so he sent me to send me to a specialist who had more advanced tools.

In November of that year, I went to visit a corneal specialist and was diagnosed with keratoconus, a disease of the eye where the corneal skin stretches and distorts to a cone shape, which obstructs vision and is physically very uncomfortable. I was told this is a genetic disease (but they did not know what gene it was carried on), that it is bi-lateral, which means one day my left eye would also start to go hay-wire.

They also told me it is progressive, and could continue to get worse until eventual blindness in one or both eyes. 

I was devastated. I spent the next two years going back and forth to the specialist (to see if the disease progressed) and the optometrist, to get a prescription for glasses that I could function with. The disease had progressed enough for the specialist to finally suggest surgery.

The specialist told me, “if you were my daughter, this is what I would suggest you do.”

I thought; I’m so young! I don’t want to have surgery. What if there are complications and I lose my eyesight altogether?

Something did NOT sit right with me.

The surgery they suggested was Corneal collagen cross-linking (also known as CXL, C3-R, CCL and KXL). The procedure entails the removal of the top layer of the cornea, putting drops of riboflavin (Vitamin B3) onto the eyeballs, and let it “cure” under UV-A light for about a half hour. The patient is awake during the procedure. The riboflavin drops are supposed to harden the collagen links across the cornea, so that the stretching and distorted cone-shape characteristic of the disease would stop progressing.

There is a high success rate for this surgery. There is just one thing: it does NOT claim to improve vision, or remove the disease; it is only meant as an attempted halt to its progressive nature.

I considered all the options: getting one eye done, having both eyes done, having rings inserted into my cornea to “push down” on the cone and help improve vision a little…the possibilities seemed endless.

I was also being advised by the surgical team to get my “better” eye done to maintain its relatively healthy eyesight. The estimated cost was approximately $7,000 for both eyes, not covered under any sort of insurance plan, and with no guarantee.

My life was being affected by my eyesight: I was no longer able to read text on my computer screen without experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort from the light sensitivity associated with a distorted cornea. All rounded letters (P, C, S, O, etc.) blurred into one illegible smudge and I was unable to grade work handed in by my students without holding it an inch from my nose. The disease was quite obviously progressing, but there was still that voice within…

I decided to bring it to the attention of my therapist, Ysatis de Saint-Simone, who suggested immediately that we begin working on this issue. I am in the process of healing, and have already noticed a decided improvement in my vision. I was driving a few months ago (something I was never able to do without glasses that I now do without). I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of me, that read “CO-EXIST”. With so many rounded letters I was surprised to notice that I was able to read the word! This, in addition to the fact that I can actually drive without glasses and still see street signs, is proof that my eye is returning to natural, at a gentle pace. 

As it turns out, my eyesight has been particularly significant in a spiritual sense. Through the intense therapy with Dr. De Saint-Simone, I have learned that my vision problems were directly linked to my history of dealing with being sexually abused and sexualized as a child.

Since the age of about four, I was sexually abused by my older sister. I struggled with debilitating confusion about my sexuality for years, and was deeply unhappy.

There is a connection between my past and my vision. The subconscious mind was creating issues in my eyes because I literally did not want to see, or See (capital S intentional). I was afraid of seeing, of facing the ugliness of the abuse and its effects on me. So I was, quite literally, making myself blind.

I have no doubt that vision problems for others (maybe not everyone, but definitely some folks) are linked to not wanting to see the truth, out of fear. I am still in the process of healing, but I have noticed a decided improvement in my vision. By “turning a blind eye” to the things in my life that I needed to face, my physical body was reacting in a literal sense. My subconscious mind was screaming, LOOK, SEE, HEAL!

I am currently in the process of working on this step of my healing journey. I have noticed that when I see something and do not react appropriately, or give in to fear of others’ not accepting me, my eye immediately reacts and I start to notice more blurriness, halos around lights, etc. I know that my own quest for truth is intimately linked to my eye sight, and I will not be 100% healed of this eye condition until I commit myself ever more fully to living in Truth and not being afraid of seeing things as they truly are.

I recently adopted a cat that I had known was being abused and neglected by a family member. I was extremely distressed when I heard this cat (who was “part of the family” for 6 years!) was going to be placed in a shelter, where she would undoubtedly be euthanized.

As I toiled over this poor cat’s situation, trying to locate someone who would adopt her, my eye sight was strained. Through the grace of God, I soon realized that I wanted to adopt her myself —to rescue this poor creature from a fate she did not deserve. I have realized that my cat is a living manifestation of exactly why my eye sight was faulty, and more importantly, why I need to heal it.

By seeing that this cat was in an abusive situation (which was not easy, since she was under the care of a family member whom I always considered a “good mother”), I considered her life with deep understanding and stepped in to save her. I am not relating this story to exalt myself as a “good person”, but rather to use this instance to help illustrate the importance of seeing clearly, which is necessary in order to take appropriate and necessary action. This has been a powerful step in my healing journey.

I also realized that, had I not worked on Seeing the Truth of my abuse history, I never would have confronted my sister. I never would have had the clarity to see how important it was so speak to her, in an attempt to save our ever-strained relationship. I never would have been able to say to her “It was NOT natural or mutual sexual exploration, it was ABUSE to me, and it almost ruined my entire life!” I would have continued to let the pit of resentment grow within and I would be that much farther from truly healing.

SEEING has been my key to freedom. I have no doubt that my eyesight will continue to improve. As it does, I will be more able to see how to approach the shifting relationship I have with myself and others, and undo all the negative effects the abuse has had on my life.

I look forward to healing my eye sight completely. Even writing this article is an important step on my journey, because I am realizing that in seeing the truth about this “disease”, I am able to share my story and potentially help others who are facing the same diagnosis. I have been given a very important gift: The desire for Truth, and especially the Truth in seeing things clearly.


It is important to note that every person is unique; every soul has experienced different childhoods and thus, different forms of abuse, neglect, emotional abandonment, or trauma. Not everyone with Keratoconus has the same kind of abusive history as Grace, but everyone has the potential to heal themselves safely and naturally, by getting to their own root cause of their illness and disease.

The mind/body connection can no longer be ignored by the medical field. Nor can it be ignored by people themselves, unless they want to suffer and have countless surgeries for the rest of their lives, and unless they want to continue to take life-altering pharmaceutical drugs —drugs that can kill them, or cause them serious harm.

You can also heal from Keratoconus naturally, with Grace’s psychoanalyst. Anyone who has a will to heal, and a telephone, can heal themselves of the many illnesses, diseases, and psychological problems that most medical doctors and mental health experts cannot cure –or from problems that are “treated” with expensive and dangerous surgery, implants, or with pharmaceutical drugs.

Contact me for the telephone number of Grace’s therapist:

The therapy can be done by telephone, from most anywhere in the world. You can read more about the therapy, what she can help you with, and Dr. De Saint-Simone by clicking here: ysatisdesaintsimone

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18 Responses to Keratoconus: Seeing the Truth About This Disease

  1. Grace says:

    Someone recently contacted me, asking what the therapy has done to help me with the KC. Here was my reply to her, in hopes it will help others also…

    I have had an interesting run with KC. I was diagnosed a few years back, and have been to multiple appointments with different doctors, even went in for a consultation at the surgery clinic, where they would perform the corneal cross linking procedure. I was scared of getting the surgery done and couldn’t afford it (I would have to save up for a while or pay it off in instalments over the course of years). Since I was already in therapy, I decided to discuss it with my therapist, Ysatis de Saint Simone. I sent her all the information that I had been given on the disease and my condition in particular. She researched it on her end also. Since then, we’ve been working on healing the KC and all the underlying causes.

    For me, the KC has been linked to things I have not wanted to see. Through the therapy, I have come to learn that my subconscious mind was *literally* making my blind due to my unwillingness to see certain things. For example, the abuse I endured at the hands of my sister, and the many abusive/unsafe things my father exposed my sisters and I to throughout our childhood. I was scared as a child, so I would rather not see it in order to convince myself everything was okay. “Out of sight, out of mind”.

    I am not saying this is the case for everyone, but for me, the KC is a self-imposed blindness. It is also really linked to anger. Through the therapy, I have learned how to feel subtle changes in the body. When I am angry or let emotions take over, I can actually *feel* my eyes change, my vision gets blurry and my eyeballs get itchy. This might sound like science fiction, but it’s extraordinary. This therapy has allowed me to see what from my past was causing the disease in myself, and what makes it worse/aggravates it in my day-to-day life. This knowledge has helped me tremendously because I can focus on controlling my known “triggers” in the present and continue to heal the damage from the past. The therapy has helped me so much. I have noticed a big difference because I can drive without my glasses (which as many of you know, were not corrective, but merely a strong prescription to “make do”…eyeglasses cannot correct KC eyes’ vision).

    Another thing I have learned is the KC is also linked to things I have “turned a blind eye” towards. In seeing things that I know are wrong, and saying/doing nothing, my eyesight feels different. It’s like an inner shame, and some of the therapy I’ve done is linked to not wanting to see *myself*…very interesting stuff and deeply linked to my healing.

  2. john says:

    Hi, my real name is john nguyen. i am 24 years old male. i was told by my physicians that i was diagnosed with eyes disease since i was 10. its damaged corneal that i have on both side of my eye so called “keratoconus” i been struggle with life every since. i have to use impairment to see until i can no longer use glass contact lens(es). i struggled to do things. it was so severe that i did a corneal transplants on my left eye on Feb 9, 2011. i thought everything was going great and it is cured. until jan of 2014 i had another appointment for a transplant on my right eye. i was at the hospital ready for the surgery until they asked me to re-schedule because i need the heart test and sleeping apnea test in order to proceed. in this period of time the corneal that was implanted into my left was rejected by my body. In order to reverse rejection i have to use multiple eye drops including pills. this is the list of medication i am taking, antibiotic: Prednisolone Acetate, Timolol Maleate, Latanoprost, Brimonidine Tartrate/Alphagan. The prednisolone side effect have increased my eye pressure to the maxium of 30. Also it can damage my optic nerves, and once it is damaged nothing can help but for me to become blind. Therefore, i have to take 1 pill and 4 time a day of Acetazolamide/Diamox in attempt to decrease my eye pressure on the left side. this side effect can damage my kidney. this period of time i learned the truth so i cancelled the surgery. i asked my ophthalmologist is/are there anything i can do to save my eye but he said no. he just told me until i can no longer see ill have to do another corneal transplant on the right until i become blind. i do not want another surgery. So please anyone, i dont want to use those medication anymore but to stop it i need a guider to aid me to a different path. i feel like i am living in hell day by day. im thinking all day every day how to save my eyes. i come from a low income family so there isnt much i can do but to be depressed to the extreme. i got no one to go for help.

    • Alethea says:

      John….I STRONGLY suggest you call the therapist of Grace and I. Your case is one of millions that prove that transplants, surgery, and pharmaceutical drugs do not heal, and can cause even worse problems. Please call her at 626-460-8350 California time zone. leave a message if you get the voice mail. She will call you back. I am 99% positive she can help you, but you need to call her.

      She has clients around the world. You do not need to travel to see her. You can do the therapy via telephone.. She is very reasonable in rates, and if you have a will to heal and get off medication, you will see results pretty quickly, and one day, be free of your problems.

    • Grace says:

      Hello John,

      I sincerely hope you call the number Alethea has provided and get in touch. Ysatis de Saint Simone is guiding me through healing my eye sight and it IS working! I can now drive without my glasses and with each session I have where we focus on the eyes (and the keratoconus), my vision improves. I can only vouch for the fact that it works…and it is absolutely worth any commitment required.

      Best of luck to you!

  3. Lotus Flower says:

    Hi Grace!

    Thank you for your post!

    We’re kindred spirits: I have KC and was abused as a child as well. I truly believe KC can be reversed, or at least halted, and I’m on a path of finding my inner truth as well. I think it’ll take a while, but in the mean time I’m going to a specialists who takes a holistic approach to KC, and I’ve seen great improvement!

    Thanks again for this, and I would love to keep in contact with you if possible. Take care 🙂

    • Grace says:

      Dear Lotus Flower,

      Thank you for the comment on this article. I think it’s wonderful that you are open to the knowledge that this kind of disease can be reversed or halted. My experience is that it CAN be. I am on the road to healing myself…the root cause of the KC has been all the things I have not wanted to “See” in my life, most notably the abusive environment I grew up in.

      I would be very interested in remaining in contact with you, and swapping experience about the disease. It’s crucial that people like you and I share our experiences, especially since there are so many people who are opposed to healing. I’ve had people tell me I’m dangerous for sharing that KC is created by the mind and can be healed. Also, called dumb for “not getting” the fact that it’s degenerative. The fact that there is no known (medical) cause to this disease doesn’t strike a question in these people’s minds! People need to hear both sides of the story, because the surgeries to treat KC are brutal and intrusive, and could cause complete blindness.

      Feel free to email me anytime. If you don’t mind, please contact Alethea (the author of this blog) and ask her for my email address. I will reply to you 🙂

      Best wishes for true healing,

  4. Little Nel says:

    Did anyone see Dr. Phil when Matt Bishop (of the Henderson rape case fame) told his story about him and three other football players who claim that they had “consensual” sex with one girl on the same night?

    “I did nothing wrong” was Matt’s alibi.

    Dr. Phil cut right through the bullshit of Matt and his parents who couldn’t bring themselves to examine Matt’s credibility about his behavior. Matt was exposed as being dishonest but his mother couldn’t acknowledge it.

    Blame the victim and excuse the “boys” behavior was the message that they wanted to get across, in spite of their son’s recklessness and his deceptive actions.

    I was disappointed in the attitude of Matt’s parents who have some really messed up ideas about sex and rape. It’s no wonder their son is in this mess.

    • Little Nel says:

      Did I mention that Matt Bishop’s father is a cop?

      • Bree says:

        Wow. A cop! That is a mess for sure. No one wants to uphold the law. Lies, secrets and more lies and more secrets. Rape is the only crime where the victim becomes the accused.

      • Jess says:

        Little nel I saw it. It made my stomach churn I was so disgusted. The mom actually said well girls can rape boys why isn’t she the one being charged with rape? She started it. My jaw dropped. And I was disgusted that an officer of the law had such crazy notions of rape! No wonder people have a hard time reporting this stuff to cops, they don’t get believed! And instead get blamed. This happened to a friend of mine recently who was treated horribly in the precinct when she went to press charges. She never did press them after that experience. It’s horrible. What is this horrible world coming to?

        • Bree says:

          The mom actually said well girls can rape boys why isn’t she the one being charged with rape? She started it. My jaw dropped. And I was disgusted that an officer of the law had such crazy notions of rape!
          _These parents are pitiful. They will reap bad things for this awful parenting. They already are. The son is an embarrassment to the family and a rapist. They have raised an irresponsible and sorry rapist in their home. They are all cowards.

          No wonder people have a hard time reporting this stuff to cops, they don’t get believed! And instead get blamed.
          _ Yep. Rape is a bizarre crime that people or their psyche’s do weird things with!!! The people seem crazy and they try to make the victim out to be crazy.

          What is this horrible world coming to? _ I agree ….

          • Little Nel says:

            “They have raised an irresponsible and sorry rapist in their home. They are all cowards.” I agree.

            I guess that Matt felt entitled to have sex with this girl, then pass her around to his buddies when she was too drunk to resist their strength. Four against one.

            I did not believe Matt’s account that she wanted more sex than he was able to perform, so he recruited his buddies to accommodate her sexual needs.

            Matt “over-emphasized” his story by saying that the victim told him that she would deny the rape when he saw her at school.

            Yes, this victim has now become the accused and Matt and his parents are her accusers.

            Matt Bishop needs to stop lying and take responsibility for his behavior. He and his friends set up this girl for a take turns “sport fuck” and post exploitation (they had photos). Then claimed it was “consensual.”

            What a line of crap!

            • Bree says:

              I did not believe Matt’s account that she wanted more sex than he was able to perform, so he recruited his buddies to accommodate her sexual needs.
              >…..Matt is a compulsive liar! The lies never make sense with these type of people. He has “merely” distorted the truth to fit a fabricated story. I wonder how long it took him to invent or concoct his fake or counterfeit lies!!!
              What he meant to say and did not say is: I wanted more sex that I was able to perform, so I recruited my buddies to accommodate my sexual needs and wants. I am only one man and the uncontrollable urges I felt had to be satisfied somehow. This guy is a “piece of work” or crap!!! I want him nailed to a wall or a piece of wood I am feeling a lot of anger or rage. Matt is an arrogant jerk!

              Matt Bishop needs to stop lying and take responsibility for his behavior. He and his friends set up this girl for a take turns “sport fuck” and post exploitation (they had photos). Then claimed it was “consensual.” What a line of crap!
              >……..I agree with everything you have said. They all claim it is consensual….They are very concerned with saving their rawhide and continuing on with out any loss of freedom. Justice is so weak for rape. I am surprised that women do not seek their own form of justice. The fact that we don’t… just shows that we are more courageous, and intelligent than those who harm us.

  5. Little Nel says:

    Hi Grace,

    I’m so glad that you posted this! Thank you.

    I got home yesterday from a trip that had to be cancelled while I was on the road because of car trouble.

    I forwarded this post to my daughter who has a friend with the same eye diagnosis.
    I have long suspected that this precious young woman had been sexually abused in childhood because I am familiar with some of her family history but I have never had an opportunity to discuss it with her.

    Your experience and thoughts about keratoconus make a lot of sense. I hope that my daughter reads your story and sends it to her friend.

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