Change Your Life With Award-Winning Hypno-Analyst, Lecturer and Dame of Honor

68478_350243295115272_2131795725_nThis is the person who saved my life.

Ysatis De Saint-Simone is a practicing hypnoanalyst, a theological investigator, a lecturer and has been honored with the Silver Medal of Alcala de Henares in Madrid Spain. She has recently been awarded international acclaim with the title of Dame of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem

Dr. Ysatis De Saint-Simone uses a collection of amazingly powerful diagnostic and therapeutic, but extraordinarily simple and powerful tools, that instantaneously open lines of Mind-cell communication, which enables people to implement at the deepest levels –the willed changes they desire.

To “Know Your Self “ and heal, is not a question of knowing ‘who you think you are’, nor a question of Philosophy, Science or Religion.  It is a question of Being, of relieving your Mind from ineffective and limiting information that hinders you and waking up to a New You.  A question of transformation, of recuperating your True Identity and becoming who You truly Are – an Unlimited Being with Unlimited Potentials of Being – and thereafter manifesting your chosen reality from that place of consciousness.  It is a question of Life, of living life to its full potential. ~Dr. De Saint-Simone

What does the Mind have to do with health, well-being and success?

Some people profess that “positive thinking” can change our life, or even heal disease and illness. They say that by changing your thoughts, you can change your life. Positive thinking will never heal a person, and this “positive affirmation” belief system is creating a lot of selfishness, and self-centered thinking and behaviors in those who follow it.

Positive thinking also has the potential to causes a person to feel inferior when the positive thinking does not work, because positive thinking cannot heal trauma and abuse, or its serious after-affects and physical symptoms like PTSD.

“Positive affirmations” can also seriously affect a person who suffers from Post-trauma and Post-child sexual abuse afflictions, by making the person worse. This is because we cannot lie to our own mind.


Thoughts are like the keyboard on your computer. The computer is like your mind. You can type whatever you want into the keyboard, but if your mind has been programmed with trauma, abuse, shame, guilt, and especially fear….then the computer will not respond in the way you want.

You can learn more about Dr. De Saint-Simone’s therapy by clicking here.

She has close to forty years of experience. You can read her curriculum vitae (qualifications) by clicking here.

Dr. De Saint-Simone applies rigorous adherence to the highest scientific/spiritual standards and her accomplishments in the fields of Personal Transformation and Healing through the Mind.

In case you are new to my Blog, you can click here and here to read about what she has helped me heal in myself.

If you feel you have been sick far too long, and wish to awaken to life, and to know true peace, joy, and health, please contact me for the telephone of Dr. De Saint-Simone:

Ysatis loves all animals, especially kitty cats.

Ysatis loves all animals, especially kitty cats.

Ysatis De Saint-Simone was born on the transatlantic when her parents traveled from Europe to America.

She is the daughter of a French diplomat and a Spanish mother.

Her aunt is the Countess Consuelo de Saint-Exupery, widow of the famed French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery –famous author of ‘The Little Prince”

You can read her full biography here.

Let it be known, that I do not gain anything financially from Dr. De Saint-Simone by providing this information.

Once a person saves your life, you just want to thank them in any way you can. Saying “thank you” is really meaningless when the gift they give you is so enormous.

My “thank you” to Ysatis, and to her healing work, is to give the gift to others, so that they may too, one day, want to say “thank you’ to her for helping them heal from trauma, abuse, incest, physical afflictions, or psychological problems.

Dr. De Saint-Simone also works with any individual who wishes to overcome other types of limiting behaviors like issues at work, addictions, fears and phobias, weight-gain, or even self-confidence issues.

Most of her clients do the therapy on the telephone. This means that anyone can have the therapy, from anywhere in the world. Her clients, including me, prefer telephone therapy. It is more convenient, private, and less expensive than driving to an office.

“The All is Mind. The Universe is mental”

~Ancient Egyptian Wisdom First Hermetic Principle

Every person has the power to heal, within themselves –even to heal cancer, viruses, auto-immune diseases, heart problems, migraines, eating disorders, gout, kidney stones, and more.

All a person needs is a personal will to heal, without dangerous prescription drugs, and a way to do it.

Ysatis De-Saint Simone is the avenue to tap into your inner healing abilities.

For further reading on this therapy, click here.

Please contact me for the telephone of Dr. De Saint-Simone:


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3 Responses to Change Your Life With Award-Winning Hypno-Analyst, Lecturer and Dame of Honor

  1. Little Nel says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with a professional who called himself a “child behaviorist” and he told me that they now examine the possibility of sexual abuse first, as a matter of course, in children who are in crisis or are having problems with no physical source

  2. Little Nel says:

    I purchased the rejuvenation DVD and I am glad that I did.

    I was in a car accident recently and could not seem to get past the anxiety from the event.

    I decided to watch the DVD in an effort to relieve my stress and it worked. My husband decided to watch it with me and he also found relief from his anxiety. It caused me to feel relaxed and comfortable without any drugs.

    I am now back in therapy for PTSD from the car accident with Dr. Saint-Simone because my primary care M.D. understands the benefits of this therapy and has prescribed it for me.

    I don’t claim to understand everything about how it works or why it works. All I know is that it works and I don’t have to rely on dangerous or habit forming drugs to make me feel better.

    My husband has seen the changes in me and encourages me to continue with this therapy. He loves what Dr. Saint-Simone has done for me and talks about it a lot.

    Thank you, Dr. Saint-Simone.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you LN.

      I think it is so important to share our stories, so that others may also be helped. I am happy to learn your M.D. understands the power and healing abilities of hypno-therapy.

      Dr. De Saint-Simone helped my husband heal from gout.

      Here is his testimony:

      January 18, 2011

      “To Whom It May Concern:

      In May of 2010, I came down with a serious and debilitating case of Gout in my foot. I was unable to work, and could not walk without extreme pain. I was also unable to do any physical activities previously enjoyed. The Gout stopped my life.

      I saw a medical physician for the condition and he not only told me that I could not enjoy most of the foods that I like (like meat and shellfish) but he wanted to put me on a prescription drug which can have dramatic side-effects.

      Even though my wife was healed from many serious physical, mental and emotional problems by having Hypnoanalysis therapy with Ysatis De Saint Simone, I still did not think that a physical disease like Gout could possibly be cured by working with the mind. When my wife suggested that I try the therapy for the Gout, I was very skeptical, but did not want to alter my life or take dangerous prescription drugs, so I chose to try the therapy.

      At the beginning of the therapy, I was still experiencing the Gout. After only a few days of therapy, the Gout completely disappeared and has not returned. I never took the medication suggested by the medical doctor, I am able to eat any foods I want, and my physical activities have returned to normal.

      I am no longer skeptical. This therapy works and heals people.”


      Michael XXXXX

      I think the changes seen by our loved ones is usually a great indication of the therapy working. You are so fortunate, as I am, to have a supportive husband.

      Thank you for offering your testimony.

      I think it is important for people to understand that Little Nel found Dr. De Saint-Simone on my Blog. LN and I do not know each other personally, and have never met.

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